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Zulum and the law of reverse effort

Zulum and the law of reverse effort


Zulum and the law of reverse effort 😆

Zulum and the law of reverse effort

Some ten years ago, somewhere I read about some “backwards law.” I think Governor Zulum was compelled by his circumstances to use this law ! It says ‘When you try to stay on the surface of water, you sink; but when you try to sink you float. When you try to hold your breath you lose it-which immediately calls to mind an ancient and much neglected saying, “Whoever would save his soul shall lose it.” This is what you do when you find yourself in a topsy-turvy world where the usual structure of things appears to be utterly reversed and common sense turned inside out.

In his quest for psychological security and efforts to find solution to the Boko Haram terrorism in a state he controls no security agency , Governor Zulum is unfortunately trying to find some peace of mind in the law of reverse effort. Just endorse the failure, pretend to believe “Napoleon” is working based on the conviction that nothing could be more apt in a time when lives of Nigerians seem to be so distinctively insecure and unsure. Since law of reverse effort or backwards law would suggest that our insecurity is the result of our efforts to be secure and on the contrary, salvation, peace and security would lie in most fanatical acknowledgement that WE HAVE NO WAY OF SAVING OURSELVES! Perhaps going along with those sleeping on duty is most likely going to provide the required solution.

In the past, he’s been very vocal against the killers and their enablers, working 24/7 to complement the efforts of poor soldiers sent to the evil forest with “bows and arrows” to fight a sophisticated gorilla war. His efforts however, were reduced to futility, that by all outward appearances, human life is just a glint of light between one never-ending darkness and another, that the more he was able to feel pleasure the more he was vulnerable to pain.

He thought, the solution is simply to do the opposite; join forces with Napoleon’s army to sing their praises as they continue to sink the country into an abyss of violence and lawlessness; plunging us more and more into the abyss of economic ruin and despair. That’s the results you get when you adopt the backwards law, the law of reverse effort. Just like when you dined with the enemy, in the end ,you don’t stay afloat as you thought, you sink.


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