Home Lifestyle Yusuf Buhari and Zahra Bayero Get Married
Yusuf Buhari and Zahra Bayero Get Married

Yusuf Buhari and Zahra Bayero Get Married


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Yusuf Buhari and Zahra Bayero Get Married

In Bichi, Yusuf Muhammadu Buhari and Zahra Nasir Bayero married for a dowry of N500,000.

The bride’s guardian is Aminu Dantata, and the groom’s guardian is Malam Mamman Daura. Isa Ali Pantami, the Minister of Communications, married Yusuf and Zahra.

Yusuf Buhari and Zahra Bayero Get Married

Yusuf Buhari and Zahra Bayero wedding Photo

On Friday at 2:38 p.m., the wedding took place.

Governors, members of parliament, ministers, and others are among the highest-ranking government officials and politicians.


The wedding of Yusuf, son of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, and Zahra, daughter of the Emir of Bichi Nasiru Ado Bayero, is taking place in the Sarkin Bichi house and the Bichi mosque.

Security troops are also present on all of the city’s streets.

Presidential guards were in charge of security at both the presidential residence in Bichi and the mosque where the wedding took place.

Military and police personnel were stationed on the streets from Kano to Bichi.

With the exception of Civil Defense and Road Safety, the military, police, and DSS make up the majority of the workforce.

Except for a few letters and grocery dealers, most of the shops and streets in Bichi are closed.

The streets of Bichi and the King’s Gate have been cleared since early morning, according to a BBC correspondent in Bichi.

People might be seen loitering at tea shops for breakfast, he claimed, particularly police personnel.

How old is Yusuf Buhari

Yusuf Buhari, 27, to Zahra Nasir Bayero, 19. Yusuf Buhari (born 23rd April, 199*)  is the only son of President Muhammadu Buhari with his second (and current) wife Aisha, with whom the commander-in-chief has five children. Yusuf is also the only male of the President’s surviving eight children. The President’s only other son from his first – and now late – wife Safinatu (who bore him five children), Musa, is deceased.

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