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Young Player Moukoko Called To Play For Dortmund Senior Team

Young Player Moukoko Called To Play For Dortmund Senior Team


Youssoufa Moukoko, the Striker whose level of scoring goals more than expected, 150 goals of 34 strikes in 20 outings at young age of 15,in this season under -19 Bundesliga. This Wonder superstar kid has both Cameroon and Germany passport.


This is is the kind of and perfect player at a young age who still has the strength and active to score more goals,all eyes are on and needed by club teams. This has led Moukoko to be called into the senior team, Dortmund .

According to the DFB rules and regulations, players are not given the chance to move into the senior team at young age. Unless at the age of 17 ,a player can be permitted to move to the senior. Unfortunately, due to that restrictions, he can’t be moved into the senior team till he turns the age 17.

Here comes the challenge for Dortmund to accept that restrictions. They pleaded for the age to be reduced down to 16, for Moukoko to play for Dortmund. Can this be granted, it was successfully granted. The age restrictions has been reduced from 17to 16.

Therefore, by November 20th Moukoko will turn to the age 16,which he can successfully play for the senior team, Dortmund.

The framework conditions for professional appearances by absolute exceptional players of this age have been created, but we are therefore not putting any pressure on him at all,” Zorc told Bild am Sonntag .

“We do well not to raise expectations of Youssoufa too high.”

Former player and now head of Dortmund’s licensing player department, Sebastian Kehl also asserted that any chance of Moukoko making his debut this year will have to be handled “responsibly”.

“There will always be a decision on a case-by-case basis, which will not only be made on the basis of sporting skills,” Kehl said.

“Here physical and mental aspects, but also the personality of the player plays a major role. We will all handle it very responsibly.”


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