Home News Yesterday was real tragic seeing these beautiful children
Yesterday was real tragic seeing these beautiful children

Yesterday was real tragic seeing these beautiful children


Yesterday was real tragic seeing these beautiful children laid to rest living behind 4 devastated parents of the Somexie and Gavor Families of Akatsi.
The Children of Mr. Somexie are the twins aged 7 JOYCE and JOYCELYN and their younger sister Mary aged 4.
The other child aged 12 is a promising future footballer who came to visit the Somexie family a month ago before they were burnt to death in the tragic fire.

Yesterday Was Real Tragic Seeing These Beautiful Children 1
Narrating the tragic incident to us, Mr. Somexie and his wife with three of his daughters lived in a wooden structure on someone’s land. Enock Gavor aged 12 is a nephew to Mr. Somexie who came to visit the family a month ago.
Mr Somexie and his wife are petty traders at the Baatsona area and they get home after the day’s sales after 9pm.
Mr. Somexie said when he got home after 9pm he saw smoke and as he ran to the door the house exploded with the sleeping children trapped inside. The fire rose as high as to the level of an electric pole evident from the photos we captured.
Mr. Somexie broke down as he watched his three daughters and
nephew burn to death.
This is very tragic as Mr. Somexie’s family lost everything they had including their beautiful children and nephew.
As tragic as it is, the pain is worsen by the parents becoming homeless, childless and stranded.
I am making a special appeal for us all to share their plight with the view of stabilizing them in this extremely difficult time.
They have lost everything but we can stand with them with the little we have.
Please lets do this together. I am raising support for them in cash and in kind.
I am ready to pick up food, clothing and cash for immediate accommodation rent and other needs for them..
You may equally support them through the ON THE ROAD MTN account number 0244530475..
Please this is tragic. Join me help them by sharing this. I am still heart broken looking at this big tragic loss.