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XXXXXX – Legal definition of XXXXXX

XXXXXX – Legal definition of XXXXXX


If Examples of XXXXXX in a sentence?

What XXXXXX means!

Not to exceed the calculation is in compliance with the T&M proposal of the Contractor and the prices, as included in the attached proposal, dated XXXXXX.

Notary Public My commission expires: Business ID Number: XXXXX The above constitutes a complete agreement on this matter between the SSA, DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and the Employer.

Submittal number – The submission number will consist of the relevant form segment number (3, 4 or 5 digits), the time and the two digits number (XXXX.XX).

XXXXXX-This section has been redacted in compliance with FOIA Sections 41 of the Sensitive Details and 43 of the Commercial Interests.

Specifications Sections and Subsections use a format that often contains a dash and often a decimal format (e.g. XXX-X.XX).

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