COVID 19 is an abbreviated term for the deadly corona virus disease 2019 which first emerged in China, but is widely spread to other countries across the whole world. The covid 19 is a viral disease which is known to affect animals such as snakes and mammals such as bats and other mammals as humans.

The world is now at stake as the covid 19 which has befallen China and which has claimed a lot of precious lives now spreads as quick as wildfire into other countries and which if not seriously dealt with to come out with a proper remedy could lead to the extinction of the entire human species in the whole world.

This situation, as if a joke has been an anarchy in almost every part of the world and which calls for a break in both religious and economic activities, thus Muslims are forced to vacate their usual congregational prayers including the friday’s prayers (Juma’a) which attracts more numbers than the individual prayers and Christians are equally forced to break from their usual congregational prayers and even sunday’s church services.

Economic activities such as commercial vehicles plying on the road going to markets and others have been banned, public gatherings such as festival celebrations, naming ceremonies marriage ceremonies and many others have been closed down across the whole world following the abnormal spread of the disease which is believed to be transferred from one person to another through body fluid by bodily contact and could also be transferred through air,thus coughed or sneazed out of the affected to an unaffected individual.

Some observable symptoms one could used to identify the disease are;

  • When one experiences coughs or sneazes.
  • When has a soar throat as the infection begins from the throat and finally reaches the lungs.
  • When one faces difficulties in breathing.
  • When one shows signs of fever and so on.

The covid 19 pandemic has finally called for the general closure of borders and all airlines as a measure to prevent the movement of people into and out of countries so that one doesn’t bring into or out of the countries the disease.

Aside all, there are a few preventive which have been made clear to the general public and if properly obsessed could prevent one from getting the deadly disease and which will go a long way to reduce the spread of this covid 19 disease. These are;

  • One should always wear protective mouth cover,nose masks and palm gloves.
  • We should always avoid overcrowdings.
  • We should avoid handshakes as a form of greetings.
  • We should avoid open coughs and sneazings, thus always place your palm on your mouth or nose when trying to cough or sneaze.
  • We should always wash our hands with sanitizers or wash properly with clean, running water and soap.

Fears for the covid 19 has now gone deep to an extent whereby every single person no more comes closer to his or her fellows, wife, husband, brethren or any other family members talkless of even touching them.

This covid 19 been a thorn in the flesh and this has called for a lot of scientists from across the world working tirelessly together in order to find a remedy to the malady, this seeks to tell you and me that, we need to stand up as one irrespective of our races and religious faiths to pray and fight away the covid 19 disease.



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