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Wise And Wisdom

Wise And Wisdom


There lived two friends called Wise and Wisdom. Wise and Wisdom were always moving together and they also used to do anything each of them had to do together.

As friends, Wise and Wisdom were always arguing over certain things in life which was just a kind of fun for both of them,among the issues they argued about was,

“who amongst them is more intelligent than the other”

Wise was always the talkative type and always started all the arguments they were involved in and always claimed to be more intelligent.

One-day, the two friends went for a trip and infact this trip was where they found the most intelligent one among them.

During the journey, they reached a certain village and it was in the night. In that night, there was a traditional occasion where a lot of activities including dancing.

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Wise and Wisdom came to the dance floor and wilst they were there watching the people doing the dance, some two unknown men came to them and begged for some anklets they brought with them.

And which are used for dancing, they agreed to give them out so that after the dancing activity they’ll give it back to them.

And when they were presenting the anklets to the men, Wisdom made some marks on his anklets with debris of some gum he was chewing, but Wise gave his’ out making no mark on them.

They were supposed to dance till the next day’s morning.

Now it was on the next day’s morning, and the dance was over, the men never returned their anklets, and infact there were a lot of people also wearing the same type of anklets.

So it was difficult to identify the men who begged for their anklets or to even identify their anklets. Wisdom then recognized his anklets by the sight of the marks he made on them with the gum and took it, but Wise could not, because he made no mark on his’.

This was now where Wisdom mocked at Wise asking him to tell how he has used his intelligence as he usually claimed he had been more intelligent.

Now Wisdom asked Wise to agree to him that he is more intelligent than him, so that he will help him get his anklets,Wise agreed,then Wisdom said they should draw more closer to those in the dance floor.

When they drew closer to them, they heard them arguing over who had danced well, then Wisdom said to them that, the one who took Wise anklets had danced better than the rest of them.

The man upon hearing what Wisdom said, jumped up and cried out in joy, and said to the other men that,

“he said it all! I told you people that I am the best but you failed to understand, and now the truth is out”

Then they now recognized him and took the anklets.

And now, Wise was much convinced that Wisdom had been more intelligent than him. Then they went home and since then he never claimed any intelligence.

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