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WILL I STAY OR WILL I GO? Carole Donkers – Kay Bright

WILL I STAY OR WILL I GO? Carole Donkers – Kay Bright


WILL I STAY OR WILL I GO? Carole Donkers – Kay Bright

WILL I STAY OR WILL I GO? (Voor Nederlandse versie, zie comments)
Turrned into CAN I STILL GO?
Turned into NO, I CAN ‘T GO
Turned into YES, I MIGHT BE ABLE TO GO Only a few days later
Turned into 2nd YES, I CAN GO! Okay, in that scenario I do leave the North to go to Accra
Turned into NO, I CAN ‘T GO when I was about to leave the village, but let’s keep moving
Turned into YES, I CAN STILL GO! upon arrival in Accra
Turned into NO or YES? Different sources, different information
Turned into IT MIGHT STILL BE POSSIBLE as long as the final NO is not there

There are more important things to occupy ourselves with. Being in cultivated Accra, we were just catching a SNAKE on the property 😊. A GOOD SIGN showing me I am still on track! The snake is one of my guiding spirit animals. For me, it represents FERTILITY or a CREATIVE LIFE FORCE. It is a symbol of the continual RENEWAL OF LIFE, REBIRTH, TRANSFORMATION, IMMORTALITY and of HEALING.

WELCOME to my life as it evolved in less than 72 hours. I am sure it is not different from what we all experience. It is the mindf.cking roalercoaster we are in when the information outside of ourselves is leading us in our decissions, movements and actions.

ALL THAT IS confirmed as per today is that commercial flights to the Netherlands are changed to possible repatration flights. And that I am somewhere registered as someone who wants to fly out. When that will happen and if that will happen is not clear.

THE REASON that I am trying to fly into the Netherlands, is that I had already planned it. Six months ago I felt an INNER CALLING to be in the Netherlands around springtime. It was as strong as the callings that always led me to Ghana. So I followed without a doubt. 24th March was the date my INTUITION told me to pick. I would fly through the night under the ENERGY of a new moon. A beautiful symbolic energy for NEW BEGINNINGS coming forth from the SHIFT that I foresaw coming in my life. A shift it is! Just not the one I could imagine. It’s the one that the CREATION SOURCE OF ALL LIFE has prepaved for me and us.

LAST MONTH, MY HEART guided me to spend my last two weeks in the Upper-East part of Ghana. Partly in Karimenga and partly on the sacred land of the Talensi people around Tongo. I intended to spend my days in silence and in connection with the ANCIENT ENERGY, NATURE, and the NEW (merged) WORLD ENERGIES that I strongly connect to: I AM UNITY and ONE BRIGHT WORLD FOR ALL OF US.

BEAUTIFUL AND MAGICAL DAYS followed. Days in which I could do a lot of clearing and cleansing of old energy. This is combined with processes of deep personal and collective healing. It is all part of my dedication to be a conduit for the high vibrational frequencies (light energy) that are available for us.

THE MOMENT the first cases of the corona virus were confirmed in Ghana, it led to conflicting advises from people and institutions in Netherlands and Ghana; better stay in Ghana – Go/come to the Netherlands.

MY INNER GUIDING SYSTEM has always been my NR. 1 guiding system, so I stayed connected within and asked for the answers. ALL THAT I AM told me; “don’t rust, don’t fear, don’t panic, don’t try to control, don’t influence your original planning”.


I LISTENED to that guidance, showing me the direction. I chose the scenario in which faith would be leading in whatever would come my way. I listened, because out of all the lessons life and people in Ghana taught me, the biggest one of all is; HOW TO MOVE FROM FEAR TO FAITH?

THE MOMENT OF THAT CHOICE and all that followed played back in my mind today. Did Ghana make me too easy going and flowing? Can one have too much faith? How far can we go in influencing the course of our life? Even if I would have allowed the fear-scenario to lead me and try to fly out earlier, it would still take me 2-3 days to arrange everything. That would only be 2 days earlier than the pre-planned flight. My belongings and needed things were in different locations. It would all depend on the availability of transport from the rural area in the North to the South. All travelling I do on my own needs to be well-considered (not out there in the night). The money I had with me was limited. I knew I would get support the moment I would ask for it. But as the independent, single woman that I am, I am simultaneously the man in my own household. My first focus is always on managing my own life well, before I ask support. That is how I learned to rely on THE POWER WITHIN ME to realise whatever I want.

HEART-FELT, PERSONAL REASONS is what makes me want(ed) to be with my family in the Netherlands by now. It is not easy to accept that it cannot be as I/WE wanted it to be. Not yet, because we don’t give up HOPE. But as the situation is now, it’s for the first time in life that we are not together as a result of my personal CHOICE to be in Ghana. For the first time in life, we are not TOGETHER due to external forces that are far beyond our control.

ALONE in a room in Accra. That is the physical circumstance I am in. The guesthouse is closed for guests. Nevertheless I was welcome because “IT IS ME AND I AM FAMILY”. Words that I received more often this week from “MY PEOPLE” in Ghana. They are from different religions, different regions, different tribes, different classes. But in THE-HEART-TO-HEART CONNECTION AS PEOPLE I sense how WE ARE ONE.

NO WORDS can express how it feels that these people will UNITE and do everything in their own POWER to help me and take care of me. To know that even their last coin or bit of food will be shared with me if the need be.

EVERY GHANAIAN I have ever connected with whispers to my SOUL; “ALL IS WELL”.

TALENTS 4 HUMANITY I co-create with are guiding me with their (AFRICAN) WISDOM. A few examples;
♡ Latif tells me; TRUST THE PROCESS
♡ Mustapha tells me; MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR DIRECTION. The how and when is not your business. JUST KEEP FOCUS
♡ Fishbone tells me; THE PATH WILL APPEAR SOON. Observe with focus as your gifts burst out. LET YOUR HEART FEEL EVERY PIECE OF THAT MOMENT
♡ Etc etc etc……………………….

WILL I STAY OR WILL I GO? Carole Donkers – Kay Bright

ONLY RIGHT DECISSIONS were made by me this week and by Ghanaian government.

Since Sunday evening I made most of my decissions with my WESTERN MIND. My Western Mind stands for the will power that brought me far in life and helps me to realise every goal I set. It also helps me to overview the situations I am in. It is logical thinking with the aim to avoid unnecessary risks for myself and people around me,
It is also the part of me that wants to control what cannot be controlled. Which on its turn causes fear, stress and worries when I lose the connection with my INTUITION, HEART, SOUL and SPIRIT.

TODAY my Western Mind realises that the outcome is no longer in my hands. In surrendering, I re-connected to the knowing that everything is happening exactly as was destined to happen for me.

My WESTERN MIND now acts on the peace and patience
that is within my AFRICAN HEART beating
in connection with the ONE SPIRIT of life.

IN THE MEAN TIME I am even more grateful than I already was with all the lessons I received from Ghana’s energy, culture and people. I am spending part of my time with re-reading my own STORY and BOOK (to become). It is guiding me in all the steps I can take and things I can do to deal with the uncertainty life has become.

THE MANUSCRIPT OF THE BOOK is with a publisher in the Netherlands. It is waiting for the financial means that I was planning to attract through in-person services in the Netherlands. None of that is an option anymore. Lock-down is waiting for me over there. But it is in the knowing that, no matter my circumstances, I AM FREEDOM WITHIN.

BEYOND all the misery the corona virus is for so many people all over THE WORLD, all I can see is BRIGHT LIGHT. I am still moving in the right direction. Challenges only motivate me to do more and AIM HIGHER. Counterforce only connects me stronger to my HIGHER PURPOSE of CO-CREATING A BRIGHTER WORLD FOR ALL OF US.

MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES are nothing more and nothing less than a reflection of what is going on in the world. The world we have known to be with our Ego (Western) Mind is no longer. Everything that our mind considered to be certain and happening as planned is vanishing. Nothing is certain anymore. The world we are moving towards is an UNKNOWN one.

IT MIGHT take a while and we all must do our INNER WORK. We need to release all negative “stuff and shit” that is caused by the (Western) Ego Mind. Once it is cleared within our individual selves and the collective, it brings NEW BEGINNINGS, POSSIBILITIES and OPPORTUNITIES.

IN THE WORLD I am creating that scenario is already an unfolding one. When YOU ARE AS I AM, you see, sense and receive beyond the physical reality that is presented to us. Although not yet visible, the ONE BRIGHT WORLD I am connected to is the TRUE REALITY I live in.


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