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Why sentences in Hausa to English



Why sentences in Hausa

Why sentences in Hausa and English? Welcome to! Understanding the ‘why’ of things is a universal curiosity, and it transcends languages and cultures. In this section, we delve into the world of “why” sentences in both Hausa and English.

Why sentences in Hausa
Why sentences in Hausa to English 82

Why sentences in Hausa and English

Whether you’re learning either language or simply fascinated by the intricacies of human communication, exploring the reasons behind various actions and events in these languages can be both enlightening and captivating.

Join us as we unravel the ‘whys’ in Hausa and English, bridging the gap between two linguistic worlds.


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Why are you busy today?
meyasa ka shagala yau?

Why are you crying?
me yasa kuke kuka?

Why are you drying your hair?
me yasa kike bushewa?

Why are you holding my hands?
meyasa kike rike min hannuwa?

Why are you late?
me yasa ka makara?

Why are you so tired today?
meyasa ka gaji yau?

Why did he quit his job?
me yasa ya bar aikinsa?

Why did he run away?
me yasa ya gudu?

Why did she do that?
me yasa tayi haka?

Why did this happen?
me yasa hakan ya faru?

Why did you come home so late?
me yasa kika dawo gida a makare haka?

Why did you get so angry?
me yasa kuka fusata haka?

Why did you quit?
me yasa kuka daina?

Why do you ask?
me ya sa kake tambaya?

Why do you lie?
me yasa kuke karya?

Why do you want to be a doctor?
me yasa kake son zama likita?

Why do you want to be a nurse?
me yasa kake son zama ma’aikaciyar jinya?

Why don’t we ask his advice?
me yasa bama neman shawararsa?

Why don’t we go dancing?
me ya sa ba za mu je rawa ba?

Why don’t we go home?
me yasa ba zamu koma gida ba?

Why don’t we share a room?
me yasa bama raba daki?

Why don’t you come in?
me yasa baka shigo ba?

Why don’t you give up smoking?
me yasa bazaka daina shan taba ba?

Why not have dinner with us?
me zai hana mu ci abincin dare?

Why were you absent from school yesterday?
meyasa jiya baka zuwa makaranta?

Why were you absent yesterday?
meyasa baka nan jiya?

Why were you late this morning?
me yasa kuka makara da safe?
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