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Why did Gladys have to resign

Why did Gladys have to resign


Gladys Berejiklian resigned as Premier of New South Wales today, just a few months shy of five years in office, after the state’s Independent Commission Against Corruption stated it will probe her in relation to former MP Daryl Maguire’s actions. After Nick Greiner in 1992 and Barry O’Farrell in 2014, she is the third Liberal Premier to fall foul of ICAC since it was created by Nick Greiner’s government in 1989.

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The Sydney Morning Herald reported that a leadership battle between Treasurer Dominic Perrottet and Planning Minister Rob Stokes will be held to select who will succeed her as Premier. She’ll also be leaving parliament soon, resulting in a by-election in her safe Liberal seat of Willoughby.

Why did Gladys have to resign ?

As a lifelong ALP supporter, it saddens me to criticize any ALP member, but what is it with Tanya P.? First her feature article on her unlikely friendship with “right winger” Alan Jones, and now her rapturous praise for Gladys, the so-called saviour of Australia.

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“To me, lying north of the NSW border, she is responsible for two outbreaks: first, allowing the virus to enter the nation via cruise ship, and then, by failing to respond quickly enough, allowing the delta strain to spread. Her integrity has been tarnished by the Sydney Murdochcracy’s treatment of her as a woman who has been wronged by a deceptive guy.”

Gladys Berejiklian resigns

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If AP had been under a similar cloud up here, I’m sure the Courier would have handled the claims differently. The crux for me is what ails the NSW ALP that they would come to the opposition’s defense when I witnessed scarcely any support for AP during last year’s Queensland election. Is the NSW Labor Party aware of its adversary? In alluding to Tanya’s support for our Gladys, Barry Cassidy surely does. Albo claims to be a professional tory fighter, so I guess it’s time to break out the knuckle dusters.

“What is Tanya P. doing being mates with the guy who wanted to throw her former boss and pioneer Gillard into Sydney Harbour wrapped in the chaff bag. How about people like Tanya praising the successes of her own side (AP and McGowan) rather than buying into the LNP Gladys is the best narrative.”

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