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Whose sentences in Hausa to English



Whose sentences in Hausa

Welcome to, your gateway to the linguistic wonders of Hausa and English! In this section, we delve into the intriguing world of ‘whose’ sentences, a common grammatical structure in both languages.

Whether you’re a language enthusiast, a student, or just curious about the linguistic intricacies, you’ll find this exploration into ‘whose’ sentences both informative and engaging.

Whose sentences in Hausa
Whose sentences in Hausa to English 82

Whose sentences in Hausa and English

Discover how these languages handle possession and ownership, and gain a deeper understanding of the cultural and linguistic nuances that shape our communication. Join us as we unravel the threads of ‘whose’ in Hausa and English, and let’s embark on this fascinating journey of language and expression.

Stay tuned for insights, examples, and comparisons that will enhance your appreciation of these two diverse yet interconnected languages. Hausa and English, united through ‘whose’ sentences, offer a rich tapestry of expression and meaning.

Explore, learn, and enjoy the linguistic voyage right here at!

whose is whowanene wane
whose is who’swanene wane
whose car is thismotar wacece wannan
whose number is this or who’s number is thislambar waye wannan ko lambar waye wannan
whose car is itmotar wacece
whose vs whomwane vs wane
and whosekuma wanda
whose vs who’swane vs wane
anywayduk da haka
whose or who’swanene ko wanene
when to use whoselokacin amfani da wanda
whose meaningwanda ma’anarsa
define whoseayyana wanene
how to use whoseyadda ake amfani da wanda
whos vs whosewane vs wane
whose definitionwanda ma’anarsa
whose and who’swane da wane
when to use whose and who’slokacin amfani da wane da wane
who’s versus whosewa ke da wane
whose is thiswanene wannan
whos whosewanene
whose vs whoswane vs wane
use of whoseamfani da wanda
whose whoswanene
1 whose1 wanda
a company whosekamfani wanda
a man whosemutumin da
a person whosemutumin da
anyone who’s or whoseduk wanda yake ko wanene
anyone whoseduk wanda
anyone whose or who’sduk wanda ko wanene
as someone whosekamar wani wanda
as someone whose or who’sa matsayin wanda ko wane ne
book whose this islittafin wanene wannan
both of whoseduk wanda
company whosekamfani wanda
define whose or who’sayyana wanene ko wanene
define whose vs who’sayyana wane vs wanene
example for whosemisali ga wanda
example of whosemisali wanda
for those whosega wadanda
for those whose or who’sga wanda ko wanene
for whosega wanda
from whosedaga wane
how do you use whoseyaya kuke amfani da wane
how to say whoseyadda za a ce wane
how to use the word whoseyadda ake amfani da kalmar wane
how to use who whom whoseyadda ake amfani da wanda wane
how to use who’s and whoseyadda ake amfani da wane da wane
how to use whom and whoseyadda ake amfani da wane da wane
how to use whose and who’syadda ake amfani da wane da wane
how to use whose and whomyadda ake amfani da wane da wane
i don t know whose book this isban san littafin wane ne wannan ba
in whosea cikin wa
is it who’s or whoseshin wanene ko wanene
is it whos or whoseshin wanene ko wanene
is it whose or who’sshin wanene ko wanene
is whose a wordshine maganar wane
is whose who isshine wanene
look whosedubi waye
meaning of whose and who’sma’anar wane da wane
meaning of whose in englishma’anar wanda a turanci
of which or whosena wane ko wane
of which vs whosewanda vs wane
of whosena wane
of whose meaningna wane ma’anarsa
on whoseakan wa
one of whosedaya daga cikinsu
one whosewanda
people whosemutanen da
person whosemutumin wanda
question whosetambayar waye
some of whosewasu daga cikinsu
someone who’s or whosewani ko wane ne
someone whosewani wanda
someone whose or who’swanda ko wane ne
that which who whom whosewanda wanda wanda
that which who whosewanda wanda
that whosewanda
the meaning of whosema’anar wane
the one whosewanda
the one whose or who’swanda ko wanene
the people whosemutanen da
the person whosemutumin wanda
the use of whom and whoseamfanin wane da wane
the use of whoseamfani da wanda
the whosewanda
the words who’s and whose arekalmomin wanene kuma wanene
those whosewadanda
those whose meaningwadanda ma’anarsu
those whose or those who’swadanda ko wadanda ke
to whosega wa
under whosekarkashin wanda
use of which and whoseamfani da wane da wane
use of who and whoseamfani da wane da wane
use of who whom whoseamfani da wanda wanda
use of whom and whoseamfani da wane da wane
use of whose and who’samfani da wane da wane
uses of whom and whoseamfani da wane da wane
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