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Which sentences in Hausa to English



Which sentences in Hausa

Which sentences in Hausa and English. ‘Which’ sentences are a fundamental aspect of both the Hausa and English languages, providing clarity and specificity to questions, descriptions, and choices.

Which sentences in Hausa
Which sentences in Hausa to English 21

In this exploration, we delve into the usage, structure, and nuances of ‘which’ sentences in both languages, helping you grasp how they work and how to use them effectively in your communication.

Which sentences in Hausa and English

Whether you’re learning Hausa or English, or simply looking to enhance your language skills, this guide will illuminate the power of ‘which’ sentences in these two diverse yet equally fascinating languages.

Which dictionary did you refer to?wane kamus kuka koma?
Which bed do you want to use?wane gado kike son amfani da shi?
Which of them is your brother?A cikinsu wanene dan uwanka?
Which season do you like the best?wane kakar kuka fi so?
Which food do you like?wane abinci kuke so?
Which subject do you like?wanne fanni kuke so?
Which is more important?wanne ya fi muhimmanci?
Which one is mine?wannene nawa?
Which direction do you want to go?wace hanya kuke son zuwa?
Which do you prefer?wanne kuka fi so?
Which was good for herwanda yayi mata kyau
Which do you prefer?wanne kuka fi so?
Which one is more expensive?wanne yafi tsada?
Which is correct?wanne ne daidai?
Which is mine?wanne nawa ne?
Which one is the best?wanne ne ya fi kyau?
Which is better?wanne ya fi?
Which do you want?wa kuke so?
Which is your book?wane littafin ku?
Which way is the nearest?wace hanya ce mafi kusa?
Which book are you reading?wane littafi kuke karantawa?
Which is your favorite team?wace kungiya ce kuka fi so?
Which languages do you speak?Wadanne harsuna kuke magana?
Which team will win the game?wace kungiya ce zata lashe wasan?
which vs thatwanda vs
which best buywanda yafi saya
which or thatwanda ko wancan
which reviewswanda reviews
which onlinewanda online
when to use which or thatlokacin amfani da wanne ko wancan
which thatwanda hakan
that whichabin da
difference between which and thatbambanci tsakanin wanne da wancan
which or whatwanne ko me
define whichayyana wanda
when to use whichlokacin amfani da wanda
another word for whichwata kalmar wacce
what vs whichme vs wanne
which and thatwanne da wancan
which and that differencewanda kuma wannan bambanci
which real estate website is the most accuratewanne gidan yanar gizo ne mafi daidaito
in whicha cikinsa
what is whichmenene wanda
which moneywane kudi
which in a sentencewanda a cikin jumla
both of whichduka biyun
after whichbayan haka
all of whichduk wanda
at whichwanda
by whichta wacce
every which waykowace hanya
for whichga wanda
from whichdaga wane
meaning of whichma’anar wacce
of whichdaga ciki
of which meaningwacce ma’ana
on whichakan wanne
one of whichdaya daga cikinsu
speaking of whichmagana akan wane
speaking of which meaningmagana akan wace ma’ana
synonyms for whichsynonyms ga wanda
through whichta wacce
to whichga wanda
to which meaningwace ma’ana
what whichmenene
which arewaxanda suke
which areawane yanki
which colorwane launi
which country are you fromWace kasa kake
which haswanda yake da
which inwanda a
which iswanda shine
which is betterwanne ya fi
which is meaningwanda yake ma’ana
which is whichwanda shine
which ofwanne ne
which of thewanne daga cikin
which of the followingwanne daga cikin wadannan
which of the following iswannene acikin wadannan
which of the following is a way of communicationwanne daga cikin wadannan hanyoyin sadarwa ne
which onewanne
which one are youwanene kai
which one is betterwanne yafi kyau
which one is the bestwanne ne mafi kyau
which or whowane ko wane
which or wichwanda ko wanne
which pluralwanda jam’i
which questionwace tambaya
which questions exampleswanda ke tambayar misalai
which waswanda ya kasance
which waywace hanya
which way is verticalwacce hanya ce a tsaye
which whatwanda me
which whowanda wane
which witch is whichwace mayya ce
which wordwace kalma
who whichwanene
who which thatwanene wancan
who which wherewanda inda
with whichda wanda