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Where sentences in Hausa to English



Where sentences in Hausa

Where sentences in Hausa and English. Welcome to, your source for language and culture exploration. In this section, we delve into the fascinating world of ‘Where‘ sentences in both Hausa and English.

Where sentences in Hausa
Where sentences in Hausa to English 82

Where sentences in Hausa and English

Discover how these languages convey location and direction, and gain a deeper understanding of the linguistic nuances that make them unique. Join us as we unravel the rich tapestry of language, one ‘Where’ at a time.


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Where are the others?
ina sauran?

Where are you going?
ina zakaje?

Where are you planning to stay?
a ina kuke shirin zama?

Where are you?
Ina ku ke?

Where did you go?
ina kika je?

Where did you plan to sleep tonight?
a ina kuka shirya barci yau da dare?

Where did you see that woman?
a ina ka ga wannan matar?

Where do we get the textbooks?
a ina muke samun littattafan karatu?

Where do you carry your gold?
a ina kuke dauke da zinariyar ku?

Where do you come from?
daga ina kika zo?

Where do you have pain?
a ina kuke jin zafi?

Where do you live?
ina kake zama?

Where do you want to go?
ina kuke son zuwa?

Where does it hurt?
A ina yake ciwo?

Where is he now?
ina yake yanzu?

Where is my book?
ina littafina?

Where is my watch?
ina agogona?

Where is the museum?
Ina gidan kayan gargajiyan yake?

Where is the pretty girl?
ina kyakkyawar yarinyar?

Where is the river?
ina kogin?

Where is the station?
ina tashar?

Where is your cap?
ina hularku?

Where is your house?
ina gidanku?

Where is your office?
ina ofishin ku?

Where is your room?
ina dakin ku?

Where should we go?
ina zamu je?

Where was peter born?
a ina aka haifi Bitrus?

Where will we meet?
a ina zamu hadu?

Where will you have lunch today?
a ina za ku ci abincin rana?
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