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What is allowed and not allowed during Ramadan?

What is allowed and not allowed during Ramadan?


What is allowed and not allowed during Ramadan? In some Muslim countries, it is a felony to eat and drink in public during the month of Ramadan, even though you are not a Muslim. That is not the case, of course, in Ghana, where we celebrate freedom of (and freedom from) religion. And most American Muslims, including myself, don’t expect non-Muslims around us to radically change their behavior to accommodate our fast-paced religious life.

If you’re having a dinner party and you want to invite your Muslim buddies, try the sunset schedule so that they can sleep. Muslim people don’t drink alcohol or eat meat, but we still don’t mind being around. (In contrast to common opinion, we’re not scared of or allergic to pork; we just don’t eat it. It’s not like we’re zombies and pork is garlic.) Just let us know if there’s alcohol or pork in it.

It has a huge influence on the way people view Ramadan from year to year. When Ramadan falls in the winter, it’s much easier to hurry: the days are shorter, which means you don’t have to run as long, and it’s cooler out, and not being able to drink water all day isn’t as big a deal as you’re not sweating as often.

There are many reasons to have only a small snack to break your fast before you make the evening prayer and then consume a larger meal later. Muslim prayers require a great deal of movement — bending down, prostrating on the table, standing up, etc. Doing all the physical activity on the full stomach after not having eaten for 15 hours is a disaster formula. Just trust me for this one.

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