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What does Ramadan celebrate?

What does Ramadan celebrate?


What does Ramadan celebrate? During Ramadan, Muslims observe sawm or fasting. Of course, no one wants to fly for a whole month. Practicing fasting during Ramadan means that Muslims can not eat or drink anything, including water, while the sun is shining. Fasting is one of the five foundations or purposes of Islam. As with most other religious traditions in Islam, from the age of 12, Muslims engage in the fast.

One of the most critical elements of Ramadan fasting is called Azumin. Azumin literally means “Fasting.” Muslims must not actually or unintentionally abstain from food; they must follow the requirements of Azumin. To do this, a Muslim must “agree in his heart that [the fast] is intended to be a worship of Allah alone.

For a variety of reasons, fasting is so necessary to Muslims. First, if you don’t pay attention to your mortal needs, such as food, you will be able to become more in tune with God and your spiritual side. Fasting also helps to remind Muslims of the suffering of the poor. This concept emphasizes the importance of charity in Ramadan.

According to the Quran, “Whoever performs the night prayer in Ramadan as an affirmation of his faith and receives salvation from God, his previous sins will be blotted out.”

What does Ramadan celebrate?

Therefore, the nighttime prayer of Ramadan, after a day of fasting, serves the purpose of eradicating the sins previously committed. Throughout this way, nightly prayer is an important part of the rituals of Ramadan.

At the end of Ramadan and before the break of the fast, the Muslims say “Takbeer.” The takbeer is a belief that there is nothing in the universe greater or greater than Allah. Takbeer is often said when the Muslim accomplishes an important task, as in the completion of the fast of Ramadan.

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