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What are Hausa Religious beliefs?

What are Hausa Religious beliefs?


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What are Hausa Religious beliefs?

Before Islam, Christianity and other forms of religious beliefs in and around Africa, the Hausa People have always have belief of a supreme creator. Hausa religion before Islam some have the view that in the back ages of civilization Hausa Religious beliefs of tradition called “Bori” Hausa animism , “Maguzanci” or Bori is a preIslamic traditional religion of the Hausa people of West Africa that involves magic and spirit possession.


Hausa Religious beliefs now.

What are Hausa Religious beliefs

Religion. A large number of the Hausa population are Muslims practicing Islam, based off the teachings of the prophet Muhammad and the instructions of the Holy book, Qur’an.

  • The Islamic religion have dominated with over 70% of Hausa People practicing Muslims worshiping 5 times a day joining the Arabs is naming ceremony and tradition.
  • The other 20% of Hausa People are Christians allowed to practice the  Christian faith in major Hausa communities across Africa.
  • The remaining 10% are traditional beliefs how are now less privilege due to modern lifestyle.



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