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Welcome to Chelsea, Hakim!

Welcome to Chelsea, Hakim!


Welcome to Chelsea, Hakim!

Welcome to Chelsea, Hakim! 1

“Great expectations…. Welcome onboard… We are the pride of LONDON”

Fristly, London and Chelsea is the greatest place to live, you are welcome my friend.

Eagerly waiting to see you on the pitch along with your counterpart Timo Werner and all existing player and my all time favourite Your Boss Frank Lampard.Hope you people will 🔥 this season and make your BPL champion this season as a Manager.

Secondly, You’re highly welcome our best player. Our Front three for upcoming season will destroy all premier league defenders.

Can’t wait to see them playing together…..We got the best Duos in the premier league, just forget Matial, Rashford and this litle boy Greenwood.

Thirdly and most importantly, You scored a killer goal against Chelsea in The last CL meeting. There’s no way we could let you be. Now score more of those for Chelsea next season.
Welcome to the Colour of London; Blue.

however, Can’t wait to witness the wonders in that your super left foot… Just wondering why there’s enormous talk about Werner while forgetting that a wizard is about to be unleashed in the premier league. I am a big fan of yours and I hope everyone remember my choice from this moment.

On conclusion, welcome to the blue family.