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We need to embrace creativity and innovation in Ghana

We need to embrace creativity and innovation in Ghana


It is  apparently obvious that these days we are living our lives in a disruptive era, where we are in the ‘get-up -and go modes  where innovative entrepreneurs are presently the most recognized building blocks of business progression and growth because they are creative. Added to that there is therefore  the emergence of business tycoons who can foster massive inventiveness in our economic and financial systems, but not those that led to the the establishment of fraudulent micro-finance companies.

In this highly competitive landscape of our times, innovative ideas tend to separate successful entrepreneurs from the rest of the pack. Trust me for that. In a way, you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that rational and faithfully planned innovation is important in entrepreneurship and creativity, both of which are essential pillars needed in building successful  business entities. As a result, the adoption of innovative strategies, in business ensures that we will grow continuously and that we will be intelligently clever  enough to compete with others in the face of the constantly emerging products and dynamic markets;  don’t forget besides that  these markets are also inherently full of consumers who are also continually becoming unusually selective and seriously finicky, in view of what they buy with regards to the complexities of available products, ideas, problems and solutions heavily imposed and surrounding them endlessly. Besides, take note of the massive effects globalization has had on businesses.

In fact, in these contemporary times and trends, it is empirically relevant for us,  to welcome the truism that nowadays most companies recognize that they need more systemic approaches to innovation creativity to help them fight, and fight competitively. This calls for the fine process referred to in some circles as ‘creative destruction’ or revolutionary exchange of business ideas from old practices to new ideas to bring about creative strategic changes effectively and satisfactorily.

Generally, the aim at innovation is excellence and the preparedness to empower producers and manufacturers to deal strategically   and appropriately with all the challenging complexities of modern-day business management procedures and processes, and to equally consequently embrace therefore the multifaceted tasks of building such intrinsic business capabilities required of them to consolidate their business successes.

In this article I have put together a number of cutting-edge strategies and touched briefly on the insights for the business practices on how to design and helpfully integrate all those critical organizational elements that are not only necessary but also vital to boost innovativeness and inventiveness which underscore core competencies of success. But let’s look first at the key critical barriers to innovation  later on in part two of this piece. Stay safe.

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