Home Sports Was Yaya Toure underrated in the Premier League?
Was Yaya Toure underrated in the Premier League?

Was Yaya Toure underrated in the Premier League?


In this Was Yaya Toure underrated in the Premier League?

Was Yaya Toure underrated in the Premier League? 1

He wasn’t underrated. .it’s just that Pep never liked him..same time he did when he met Toure in Barcelona that was what he did in Man City…

the guy does not like African players..the likes of Toure and Ihenancho were doing pretty well in Man City but he came and destroyed thier playing time in Man City.

Firstly, Yaya is An exceptional player, yaya and Abu Diaby they so much look alike in so many ways, sad Abu Diaby couldn’t live to expectations.

Secondly, He was seriously underrated… I mean when players like Patrick viera , makalele, Roy Keane, lampard Gerrard scholes get regular mentions… I wonder why he’s never mentioned.. I mean we talk about aguero a lot…Yaya and Silva should be constantly talked about.. they actually put mancity on The map… They changed The way we see Manchester city…

I mean this Manchester city is their handwork.. guardiola carried on truth… But yaya was on top of his game for at least 5seasons… He’s so underrated and it’s sad.

Ther are however, Yaya was never underrated nor underestimated in the premier League except that everything changed through the arrival of one man in England…that man destroyed everything Yaya has ever worked hard for in England.

However Yaya also made things worse for himself by making a racism statement on the public against a man who destroyed his football career.

Thirdly and most importantly, He is not English. On top of that, he is an African. So, it was inevitable for him to be underrated and even hated.

He was a midfielder who could do everything – pass, run with the ball, shoot and dictate possession. Just imagine that the English media once rated Tom Cleverly above Yaya Toure, the African colossus.

In conclusion, Y,all don’t even know the meaning of underrate

Yayatoure blossomed in England and was among the vice captains in city,and he got every respect he deserved …..so coming to say he was underated I don’t understand.

He played almost every game for city ,even on return from injury,he will be quickly fixed into the team unlike some other players ,so I don’t see w hats underated about yaya toure …

MANCITY knew the talent he possesed that’s why they got him from Barcelona.


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