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NT Tourism Voucher registration

NT Tourism Voucher registration


NT Tourism Voucher registration to find out more and to register go to www.territoryvoucher.nt.gov.au Territorians are being reminded to register early for the latest round of the $200 Territory Tourism vouchers program which kicks off tonight at 8 pm, with previous rounds of funding snatched up in minutes.

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NT Tourism Voucher registration

The latest round of vouchers, which come as the industry reels from an estimated $1.6 billion in lost revenue since July, are redeemable on a $1 for $1 basis and can be used on multiple tourism experiences in the Top End, Red Centre, Katherine, and Barkly regions.

Just like the previous Territory Tourism Voucher rounds, vouchers can be used on multiple tourism experiences, but only if they are booked in the one transaction with any unused funds returned to the funding pool for Territorians on the waitlist.

The Territory Tourism Voucher scheme offers Territorians aged 18 a voucher worth up to $200 if they contribute $200 of their own money.

The voucher provides an incentive to support NT’s struggling tourism industry which was looking up this year before COVID outbreaks in NSW and Victoria.

Tourism NT said Territorians who travel a little further afield will once again be able to apply for an additional $200 bonus, redeemable on a $1 for $1 basis for those who travel over 400 kms booked as part of a single journey (not including their return leg).

Upon launching the Territory Tourism vouchers in July last year, eager Territorians snapped all 26,000 vouchers in just an hour and the overwhelming response caused NT Tourism’s website to crash momentarily.

In November 2020, the NT Government launched another round of the scheme which came with an extra financial incentive to travel more than 400km from home.

In February this year, a third round of the scheme was also launched. That time the tourism department caught over a thousand Territorians who tried to snatch multiple vouchers by registering under different email accounts.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner previously warned those who attempted to “double dip” on the Territory Tourism Voucher will be denied the use of the scheme.

During the May budget estimates hearings, Mr Gunner announced the latest $5 million round of Territory tourism vouchers.

NT tourism industry coming through ‘incredibly difficult time’
Tourism Top End CEO Glen Hingley said since July, the NT has lost $1.6 billion from tourism revenues due to lockdowns interstate.

“In July, August, September being a peak period for tourism for a visitor economy that make up over 40 per cent of our annual $2.4 billion — our customers for tourism, have been in lockdown ever since,” Mr Hingley told Mix104.9 on Monday.

“It’s been an incredibly difficult time. We’ve been going back and forth through the numbers – it’s about $1.6 billion. The Territory economy is down because of not having our normal arrivals, and that’s a lot of jobs [lost].

“Every time we employ someone in tourism it generates about $50,000 per year to the local economy, as well as giving someone a job, it’s a real challenge. And we’re grateful [for the Tourism voucher scheme].

“If not for vouchers this year, [losses] would have been a much bigger number – it would have been closer to over $2 billion.”

Mr Hingley added that on average, the last few months has been costing the Territory economy, upwards of $7.6 million a day.

“We value this $5 million campaign, but that’s less than one day of the losses at tourism’s been suffering.”

He also clarified that all vouchers in the previous rounds went out to the tourism sector. He said if a voucher isn’t used, the money will go back into the pool and another voucher can be released to someone on a waitlist.

Tourism Minister Natasha Fyles said in a statement that the vouchers were brought back because they are “a lifeline for tourism operators”.

Mr Hingley also called on politicians to work together and stop politicking during the pandemic to address important matters such as the downward Tourism revenues.

“Our challenges we can’t see how we can genuinely be opening soon, and we’re certainly calling on politicians to get rid of the bipartisan approach and really work together,” he said.

To find out more and to register go to www.territoryvoucher.nt.gov.au

NT Tourism Voucher registration

NT Tourism Voucher registration

NT Tourism voucher registration

Waitlist is now open for all future Territory Voucher round 4 releases.

Important information for territory vouchers round 4, Round 4 runs from 4 October until 31 January 2022
There is one voucher and one bonus claim per person up for grabs. The Territory Tourism Voucher is still worth up to $200 and is a dollar for dollar investment when you use your voucher to book a NT tourism experience through one of our four Visitor Information Centres.

The optional bonus claim is a reimbursement of up to $200 based on a dollar for dollar investment when the product you book is more than 400km from your permanent residence.

There are limited vouchers up for grabs and all Territorians 18+ are eligible to apply for a voucher in round 4. Any unspent funding will go back in the pool for future releases to those on the waitlist.
Once you receive your voucher you will have 14 days to make your booking and will need to complete your travel prior to 31 January 2022

To find out more and to register go to www.territoryvoucher.nt.gov.au

Register for NT Tourism voucher

Visit our FAQs page for help and information relating to the Territory Tourism Voucher.

How does it work?
Register for the Territory Voucher

From 4 October @ 8pm register for your Tourism Voucher.

Fill in the registration form (all fields are compulsory and vouchers will be received within 7 days upon successful registration).

Plan your Territory Voucher trip

Plan your holiday on one of the Visitor Information Centre websites, whilst you await your voucher.

Book your Territory Voucher

Once you receive your voucher code via email, make your booking online or instore at one of the Visitor Information Centres (don’t book direct with the operator).

You will have 14 days from the date on your voucher to make your booking.

Enter in your voucher number/s in the ‘promo field’ box on the payment screen. Your round 4 voucher discount of up to $200 per person will be applied and automatically taken from the total amount.

Claim your bonus Territory Voucher discount

Redeem your bonus claim
If the product you have booked is 400km or more from your permanent residence you can apply for your bonus claim (up to an additional $200 based on a dollar for dollar investment of the total booking amount). This step must be completed within 7 days of receiving your booking confirmation.

To redeem the bonus claim, you will need to apply online and provide full contact details including your voucher number, booking confirmation, proof of residency and bank details.

Travel using your Territory Voucher

Enjoy your NT experience
Bonus claim reimbursements will be made to you by the NT Government after completion of travel (proof of travel may be required).
Enjoy your travel and remember to share the love across your socials using #NTAustralia and tagging the tour businesses!

To find out more and to register go to www.territoryvoucher.nt.gov.au

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