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The Unrealistic Storylines of African Movies

The Unrealistic Storylines of African Movies


The Unrealistic Storylines of African Movies Africa is a blessed continent dominated by the black race. The movie industries have contributed massively in the GDP of Africa economy; as there are so many fans and lovers of home movies, who are ever willing to spend their money to purchase these locally produced movies.

Nollywood and Gollywood have done tremendously well as movie producing industries, but however, there is a common problem that have held these African industries back in years passed.

And this problem have also made it unable for them to compete with international industries such as Hollywood and Bollywood.

The problem is no other than ‘The unrealistic storylines of most locally produced movies’.


So many exposed people find it extremely difficult to watch locally produced movies simply because of the unrealistic storylines these movies have. African movie producers lack the patience to come up with an interesting, suspense filled and realistic story lines.

That’s why they end up producing just anything they can quickly come up with or jump into lame trends to produce movies that sync with the ongoing trends in order to sell.

Storylines should be as realistic as possible because movies are meant to portray certain happenings in the real world (weather a real life story or fiction).

I believe African producers can do better because it takes the same effort they use in producing unrealistic stories, for them to produce a realistic and good one.

In conclusion, let’s make African movies the center of the world’s attention and not just indigenous attention by seeking the assistance of brilliant script and movie writers.

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