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The Tear of a Woman

The Tear of a Woman



THE TEAR OF A WOMAN, Mama is the best name to be given or called upon as a woman. In most African homes, Mama is the name used to address a woman of value, power, love and care. The original meaning of “Mama” is mother.

A mother is a woman with capabilities of withstanding hardship, trauma and pain in life just for the happiness of  everyone around her.

Mama is capable of providing food for the whole family without tasting even a little amount of it. Mama makes sure that all children in the house are satisfied with their food and provided with any other thing they desire.

Mama takes care of the home whenever we are all out for school. Mama doesn’t care about what she eats, wears, drinks or dress. The fact that we the children and other relatives have smiles on our faces, Mama is okay. Mama had never being to school but yet still understands the need to be enrolled in school.

Mama did not want us to be suffering like how she did, so she always made sure we do our homework after school, gets something to eat, take our bath and off we go to bed.

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Whenever we find it difficult to sleep, mama comes to sleep beside us just to tells us bed time stories or sing us some lullabies to aid us sleep. Mama would be awake midnight long washing our uniforms, preparing the food we would carry along to school the next morning and probably iron our uniforms when they are dry up.

Mama wouldn’t sleep after all these, she would then switch on the radio, listen to some religious songs and pray for our lives. Mama is very prayerful so she taught us all to pray effectively.

Mama at times cries when there is no money to pay our school fees. Mama wouldn’t let us find out the reason’s to while she is crying.

“Mama are you crying” we ask curiously? “No my dear ones I am very fine just that i missed you all when you left me all alone at home” she replies. Mama would beat us whenever we go astray.

Whiles we cry, she comes closer to calm our hearts down and warn us not to repeat such mistake otherwise God would not bless us. Mama leaves her work to attend most of our graduations just to make us happy. Mama would spread amounts of money on our foreheads whenever we take part in ceremonial activities or school gathering activities. Mama would embrace us so our heads become swollen.

Mama would buy us new cloths, shoes and toys when ever it is time for our annual celebrations. Mama would make sure we belch before she stops asking if we are satisfied with our food.

Mama uses all her strength to work just to make some money so we wouldn’t go out begging other people for our needs.

We all loved Mama for what she did in our lives. But something strange happened to mama one day. Mama couldn’t play with us anymore. Mama couldn’t wake up to cook for us anymore.

Mama couldn’t make it up to our graduations any more. Mama was ill. Nobody remembered all what mama did for them.

They left Mama on her sick bed. Whenever we close from school to see mama who couldn’t walk, talk or even respond to our greetings we cry. When she sees us cry, tears begin to roll from her eyes also. She had wish to carry us on her side to encourage us but her strength was too low to perform that task anymore.

Mama couldn’t eat nor sing for us at night to sleep. We couldn’t eat our foods because mama didn’t prepare them. How are we going to survive if Mama lives us so soon?

Things would go bad, matters would worsen, we would go astray if Mama say’s a sudden good bye. who would attend our gradations, who would pay our school fees, who would even beat us when we go astray? Mama please don’t leave us so soon or else life would be difficult for us all.

Hmm! Hmm! Hmm! How important mothers are to the lives of their children. Mothers are like umbrella upon the lives of their children. Whenever it rains, they are not bordered, when there is any other external attacks from elsewhere, the children are not bordered because mother’s love conquers all. Let us show love and gratitude to our mothers.

If we are fortunate to have them alive, let us show them the maximum love and give to the all want they deserve before God calls them. If it happens they are no more, there is nothing to worry, show love and mercy to any woman you come across your life as a sign of respect, love and gratitude you had for your mum.

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