Home News The two French doctors has made African Footballers angry
The two French doctors has made African Footballers angry

The two French doctors has made African Footballers angry


The Suggestion of the two French doctors has made African Footballers angry

As most countries around the world in almost of all the continent are in crisis of the rapidly outbreak of the disease coronavirus.In some countries like Spain, Italy,china and other countries have high rates of people tested positive and also death cases increase very high but few get recovery, but some countries have low rates of death cases not more than 100 unlike those countries mentioned above.

Due to the outbreak of the disease coronavirus, and seeing how the death cases are increasing almost every hour, world health organization (WHO) and other health services has given directories of social distance, washing of hands with soap under running water regularly and other tips to decrease the outbreak of the disease.

Scientists doctors and other health service are also making a research for a medication to cure this disease. Where French doctors has reportedly noted that there is a vaccine which can be used to cure the disease.

It was reported that, French doctors Jean Paul Mira and Camille Locht wants to test this vaccine they found for tuberculosis as vaccines for the Covid-19 in Africa.
Dr.Mira said can we not try these studies just like in AID’s research in Africa where there is no mask, treatment, intensive care or prostitute? Because they are more prone to getting sick, they are not protected.

In supporting, Dr.Locht is in support with what Dr. Mira said saying “You are right. We are already considering researching in Africa in parallel with this research”

The Suggestion of the two French doctors has made African Footballers angry

Because of what Dr. Mira and Dr.Locht said, this has made the African Footballers annoyed saying Samuel Eto Cameroon legend said”Africa is not a test laboratory” Chelsea and Ivory coast legend also said “Africa is not a test laboratory. I condemn these degrading, false and racists remarks .

Kelvin Boateng Ghana legend also said ” Don’t use Africa as your toys you idiots ”
Antonio Rudiger Chelsea Defender also said ” it took me sometime to find some words for these guys Angry face two French doctors suggests to carry on experiment for the Covid-19 in Africa .like the Africans are some sort of animals Disgraceful!!!”

He added ” This is a racism at its highest level and a terrible statement against all black-skinned. How was this even allowed to be broadcast on French TV. Africans are not lab Rats ”

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