Home News The power of prayer in this uncertain times of trials
The power of prayer in this uncertain times of trials

The power of prayer in this uncertain times of trials


The power of prayer in this uncertain times of trials

Only people who have not been tested and tried or have not been ever really challenged before, will ever acknowledge the essence of prayer. Nonetheless, prayer is good and equally  helps believers to spiritually overcome crisis and storms. Historically, Christians, Moslems, and practitioners of other faiths  pray mainly to God (Allah) vie the approved acceptable means, either individually or collectively, believing that the Almighty God will hearken to our requests, time and time again.

Essentially, the Good Lord Jesus, (Isa) has counselled his followers in his days, here on earth, to pray ceaselessly. That is what we still do; it is normal for all persons to pray and request for help and ask for assistance from God (Allah). But for our prayer/request to reach the Angels of Heaven, the good books instructed everyone to be righteous, obedient  and clean. Above all, we mustn’t think the fight is ours and that we are not fighting the ordinary, but that the war is always going to be beyond us so we must lean, at all times, on God (Allah).

Indeed, prayer is beneficial to mankind. Prayer, in itself, outweighs all our human infallibilities and failures not to be in constant continual, regular communication and  contact with our creator. To strengthen us to remain faithful to our maker as we have been taught, we need  to cleanse our selves by fasting and abstaining from our fleshly human enjoyments regularly.

We need to further remember that we were all created in the Image of God, hence we are rightfully His Vessels through which He is able to create more of us through the process of procreation and development of sound scientific and mechanical creations of tools that could make our stay here on this earth a bit more meaningful and comfortable. But at times we may encounter trials and tribulations so we are guided that  we must not forget to be prayerful.

So, prayer is a medium of communication between us and God. If we pray we communicate with God and as such we use such a medium by respectfully reminding God that through Him, He can help us to attain more in which case we can, therefore, glorify Him. In so doing  many earlier books which were authored by writers who only wanted to write expositions against the strengths and the forceful powers of prayer that prayer is self-worship; generally even prayer is an act self-worship we have instead come to realize today that  that statement and explanation is untrue and  is a falsification in the minds of some earlier theologians, but that prayer is mode of submitting our requests to God. Today, we all now know that we have healing powers from God through Prayers. We are also able to overcome earthly challenges and earthly difficulties through prayers to God. We can also thwart the destructive motives of the devil through prayers and those requests  brought to the attention of God who is always ready to hearken to us as a Father.

Briefly, there are a good number of benefits in prayer. We get an immeasurable peace of mind through prayer; secondly, we are in constant touch with our guardian angels, and thirdly, we learn through prayers to be modest, righteous, submissive and respectful as well as powerful and thoughtful as well, as creatures of God.

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