Home News The power of prayer in these uncertain times of trials (Part 2)
The power of prayer in these uncertain times of trials (Part 2)

The power of prayer in these uncertain times of trials (Part 2)


The power of prayer in these uncertain times of trials (Part 2)

Remember that the Good Lord taught us to pray that His Will shall be done, and that as human beings we need not command God, but rather submit our requests  to Him  faithfully such that our prayers would always fall in line with God’s dictates as our Holy Father. The fact is if you ever feel at a loss for what to pray for or about there is no better guide book for petitions to our Heavenly Father than the Bible.

So, if believers feel like one doesn’t have words, then turn, first of all, to the ‘Basic Instructions Before Living the Earth’  for prayer e.g. to Chronicles chapter four verse ten. Another example is if you ever believe that God can do more than you can ask or imagine, then Chronicles 4 is the prayer for everyone.

You can also get a powerful source of prayer in Mathew 6:9-13. This powerful prayer request is the true classic I talked about last week. In fact, you can derived a lot more power in this prayer so take a closer look at what it teaches in Jonah 2:2-9. That was the prophet’s plea to the Father.

Clearly, we are under both the spiritual and individual obligations to God and to our own selves to understand the importance and the inalienable significance of the, human being, as we are the ordained representatives of the Heavenly Father, having been created in His Image and empowered at the  same time, or it should be said, that God granted us the divine authority and/ or dominion over all other creatures on this planet, hence we have the power to pray without ceasing so that we will eventually win the war we are engaged in presently with the COVID-19 disease, whether it had been created or it is natural phenomenon. We now know that words have Power and we are tasked to do whatever  human beings can to overcome this deadly pandemic.

For me, we will win the present public health ‘battle’ some day, sooner or later, but what baffles  me most of the times is how we are dwelling too often on occultism in our chapels when they were not locked down. Why am I confused? I am confused because our temples  had become venues for all sorts of marketable merchandises – packaged  in various degrees of misconceptions, misrepresentations, misinterpretations, and directions repackaged with spiritual undertones sold, I mean soled to semi-literate, unintelligent, clueless vulnerable poor  and helpless kindreds of this miracle expecting 21st century ‘Christians’ without questions. In more ways than not, we have all been tempted to go astray clearly forgetful of the instrumental fact that we can pray, in all circumstances, against all earthly calamities and difficulties confronting us and that we can out do such challenges. Keep to the words and stay safe.

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