Home News The Nigerian police are to be equipped with cameras to record their activities
The Nigerian police are to be equipped with cameras to record their activities

The Nigerian police are to be equipped with cameras to record their activities


The Nigerian House of Representatives has called on the government to provide cameras to be used by security forces, and to set up monitoring centers across the country. According to the council, the installation of security cameras will help reduce complaints of human rights abuses and violate the powers vested in them by law.

The Nigerian police are to be equipped with cameras to record their activities

Horn. Abubakar Yunus, a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives, also told the BBC that the move was prompted by a growing number of complaints against the country’s police force over its use of force against civilians.

We want to ensure efficient, and orderly operation without the clutter and clutter of the security forces, this is what this law wants to eliminate.

The main reason we want to do this in this day and age is that there are so many allegations against the Nigerian police, which are seen as extrajudicial killings, and usually when something happens you hear them say They are designed to protect themselves, “said Hon. Yunus. He added that sometimes a person is shot by customs, or a police officer at a checkpoint, and so on.

These are some of the reasons why the law has been introduced by the legislature so that if they do this the camera on their body will record all their movements so that their situation in the workplace will be known.

Police have long been accused of harassing and abusing civilians, and some have long called for similar action. But Hon Yunus said the decision was taken because of the biggest challenge facing Nigeria, which was never expected to be met – security. “For example, the Boko Haram insurgency, and then the bandits, the kidnappers for ransom, and so on, we see them as human rights defenders who are being accused of violating them.” These are the reasons why we decided to do so and unanimously agreed on this resolution and it was unanimously approved by the entire legislature. “Yunus said it would begin soon.

Once this law has been enacted, it has been successfully passed by the legislature, and we will ensure that the law is referred to the legislative committee to ensure that it is enacted without error.

time no. They also hope that as soon as the committee sits to review it it will not take long to be implemented. It was not until 2020 that Nigerian youths led a massive protest against police brutality and killings in Nigeria.

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