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The need to Glow to Grow

The need to Glow to Grow


The need to Glow to Grow, Each and every being on earth has his or her own separate abilities. The abilities given Mr. A will definitely differ from that of Mr. B.

To be able to build a firm foundation to attain success, you need to discover what you are best in doing, work on it, find some advices from esteemed people in that field, study their steps and you will surely get there. Back to the topic “Glow To Grow”.

The term growth used as the heading talks about process in moving from a developing stage to a well developed stage. That is, the chance or process of moving from an area of nothing to an area of something.

Lets simply say the process of reaching or meeting your life expectations. Glow on the other side is the doing of something to catch or win the attention of people.

The act of perfecting something to the likeness of people in order to win their attention and mind to follow and support your ideas and ambitions. To evaluate the description above, it states that before one can reach an esteemed level, he or she has to start with something that can win the attention of people.

Thus something of value that that can entice the hearts and trust of people to follow you. Someone may ask why would people be following you? The truth is, in life, no person is a failure or wants to be a loser, so the very moment they see a glow(Light) in you, they will prefer following you.


At that point in time, you would be the light which they will rely upon to shine upon their paths.

The light used can best be described as your unique ideas, thoughts, strategies, ways, confidence, faith, love, methods, advices, wise sayings and sharing of past life experience.

So if you are able to start something of value and importance or even unique, people would risk their time and wealth just to tap into your glory in order to be of success to your great impartations upon their lives.

One would also ask, what is this something you refer as unique and valuable to start with? The answer is You. “Yes” You.

Have you ever sat down to analyze your capabilities as a separate being? The term separate is used because most people now a days in life force to be of what they are not meant for.

People try to copy the ways of people with the mindset of being like them which later crushes their path and everything returns back to zero.

You don’t need to force yourself to fit into fields that are not yours.Think about this, how are you going to answer questions or react to difficulties that come to you on fields you have no idea about?

Can an electrician fix musical instruments? That is why it is very necessary to go into yourself and find and figure out your capabilities and abilities which afterwards you sit down to plan of developing them.

Each and every human has his or her own capabilities and nature. There are so many of them that we can’t list. But lets try a few to generate understanding. Few examples of capabilities includes; Acting, Dancing, Writing,Singing, Drawing, Rapping, Playing instruments etc.

Capabilities involves anything you do best. Human capabilities links to humanic talents. Each and everyone of us have talents, its just the matter of getting time to analyze yourself to find what you have great times doing and what you do best.

There is a say that, when you wake up every morning to find your self doing one particular thing everyday, Then you are a made of that thing already.

So if you wake up every morning to find yourself doing nothing but dancing, then you are a dancer. Such applies to all the various fields in life.

So after finding your capabilities or talent, you start by making people have a feel of them. They are countless number of people out there who are also in search of what you have or hold now, so when you show it, it will definitely glow and that’s where you start winning and climbing to where you have prayed to be.

I assure you that, you are going to be great in your own time just don’t be in a haste and also tolerate the views of other people, pay attention to what your instincts tells you and you will surely get there.

Thank You and have an enjoyable week.

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