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The Hidden Precious Treasure

The Hidden Precious Treasure

The hidden precious treasure, There lived a King in a village who was told a story by his late father about a hidden treasure in the deep forest. This treasure has caused a lot of lost of lives. When he was a child, his father told him this story that had become a burden several years before his time of reign.

Here is the story his father told him…..,

“In one of the evil days as a result of failure to make sacrifices to the gods of the land, it came to a time that whoever went to farm was killed by the gods.

One day when all the villagers were in their houses, one old man went to the deep forest to take herbs, shrubs, roots and leafs to cure  some diseases.

In the forest, he saw a shiny precious treasure covered with a piece of white garment.

The more he looked at it, the more it shined and increased in it’s valuable characteristics.

Unexpectedly, a heavy, fearful scream was heard from unrecognized place, with a horrible laughter, asked the old man why he had come into the deep forest in these evil days.

The old man with a brave heart, told the unknown voice that he was here to take some medicines for the treatment of diseases that are taking lives of many people in the village. That was why he came to for such medicines.

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The unknown voice set him free because he (the old man) intended to save people’s lives. However, before he went home, he was told that the shiny, precious treasure was full of wealth but a life threaten treasure.

The unknown voice said whoever will take this home shall be the wealthiest person on earth. After this was said by the unknown voice, it vanished with a horrible laughter!

The man ran to the village and informed the then King of what he had experienced.

The King asked his executioners to go and witness what had happened,  but none of them returned again because it was still evil days.

The King could not have peace, so he sent for the chief priest to do some incantations to know what had happened. With the interpretations of the incantations.

The priest said this had happened  because they were in the evil days but someone had gone to the evil forest.

Though he was not killed for the reason that he was not with bad intentions, the chief priest said, the executioners made up their minds to possess the precious treasure.

So the first person touched it and was vanished. Another person touched it and was struck by thunder instantly.

The remaining executioners got to know that this was the same treasure the old man came and told them about before they left for the village to the forest.

They decided to run back to the village but they all died on their way. This happened because their intention was to bring to the village, the untouchable, life threaten precious treasure.

Again, the priest made them aware that until they perform the task of making sacrifice to the gods, no one should go into the forest. Since then, no one went to the forest again.”  The story ended.

After many years when the child had grown and had become a King, he called all his executioners and told them of the hidden precious treasure in the deep forest which his father had told him many years ago; and that he needs such a precious treasure to make wealth.

So he gave two conditions  that whoever brings the treasure to him will be next to his kingship and will possess part of that wealth he may get from the treasure. He will also be allowed to marry his daughter (the princess).

So the executioners started the journey in search of the hidden treasure in the deep forest.

As they kept on searching, wickedness begun to fill their minds that any of them wanted take the treasure home without his fellow colleague. For this reason, some started killing others.

At long last with wickedness and envy, all of them died. After some days, the King also followed to search for the hidden precious treasure in the deep forest.

When he got there, the same unknown voice which he had been told about some years ago, sounded again and this time, it was very aggressive.

The voice asked; have you not been told by your father about this hidden treasure that no one had ever possessed, and whoever tried it died?

The King could not talk. The unknown voice told the King that he would die for not keeping away from the precious treasure. All of a sudden, a hand held tight his throat and killed him.



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