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The Faith I got

The Faith I got


THE FAITH I GOT According to the Bible, it states that

“without faith, you cannot do anything”.

There lived a town called Asempan’aye, which was not ruled by any king or queen.

It was located nearer to a sea and a lagoon. And there were no light and facilities in the village, but they were prayerful in everything they did.

Suddenly, there was a woman called Fa asemkye in the village who used to sell at the nearest town called )deneho. This woman was loved by everybody because of her kind heart.

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One day, she got married to a man popularly known as Adwumawora. This man was very good and hard-working man. Both of them loved themselves very well that they were okay of not having a child.

But to the woman, she normally goes down on her knee and to God for a child. She prayed and prayed but no avail. So therefore, they decided to adopt a child from the orphanage home, which the woman refused.

It became a fight between both partners which ended up in the divorce of their marriage. Finally, God being soo good, the woman was pregnant before their divorce but did not see since she had not given birth before.

She gave birth to triplet at the same time named them Adom, nhyira and papay3.

Because of her faith, she still didn’t give up on God but was hoping in God for another man. After two years, she died in an accident with her holding her kids, but because of her kind heart, her children survived and were sent to the orphanage home to look after them.

They grew up and looked for their dad and forgave him of what he did to their mum. The cried together and moved on in life with their education.

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