Home News The demolished site of the Nigerian mission’s staff quarters in Accra Ghana
The demolished site of the Nigerian mission’s staff quarters in Accra Ghana

The demolished site of the Nigerian mission’s staff quarters in Accra Ghana


Ghanaian Foreign Affair Minister, IGP, National Security boss visits the demolished site of the Nigerian mission’s staff quarters in Accra Ghana.

The Demolished Site Of The Nigerian Mission'S Staff Quarters In Accra Ghana 1

The Demolished Site Of The Nigerian Mission'S Staff Quarters In Accra Ghana 2



All Nigerian Community Ghana (ANC-GH)

Good day to all Nigerians and fellow Compatriots. 22nd June, 2020
There are no mincing words that the ugly incidence of forceful intrusion and violation of diplomatic premises belonging to the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Ghana is generating a lot of attention and concerns.

We as a people express great worry and frustration over this ignoble and unfortunate act being perpetrated against a sovereign nation of Nigeria. This is interpreted from many quarters as a calculated act of aggression orchestrated against a people to undermine their integrity and collective interests.

The leadership of All Nigerian Community Ghana commends the frantic efforts being demonstrated by patriotic citizens and media houses in protest against the breach of the premises considered sacrosanct and inviolable under international diplomatic convention.

Although several press releases have put out statements of condemnation of this shameful action, the Nigeria Community in Ghana is calling for an accelerated and decisive intergovernmental intervention to forestall any row and stem any potential diplomatic conflagration.

While we await an official statement from our President the Commander-In-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or from his assigns, and a meeting with the minister of foreign affairs and delegates from our country by tomorrow, to deliver a true picture and ascertain the facts on the ground, the leadership of All Nigeria Community enjoins all citizens to continue to be law abiding and be vigilant. We are hopeful and confident that the issue will receive amicable resolution as both governments in recent releases are wading into the matter to reach common understanding.

In addition, we use this medium to call on all stakeholders of Nigerians in Ghana i.e. Corporate organizations, Transport Unions, Trade Unions, Students Union, Nigerians In Diaspora Organization, Communities and Association etc. to send at least five (5) representatives each for a conference scheduled for tomorrow the 23rd day of June 2020 at 10am on the premises of the diplomatic staff/High Commissioner.

The essence is to show solidarity, interact with the officials from the foreign ministry and also provide an interface and the opportunity to register concerns of citizens over what some have arguably referred to as lackluster response and
Tel: +233 (0) 302966582
Email: info@ancgh.com Website: www.ancgh.com
inertia on several fronts on diaspora matters, and diplomatic negligence in the hierarchies of our government. We are calling for this gathering to synergize, to ask pertinent questions and to find solutions to the plenitude of plaguing issues of utmost importance to Nigeria citizens in Ghana.

Again, we call for calm as we continue to conduct our affairs within the confines of the law. We believe there is always a silver lining in every cloud. With a bond of unity, we shall emerge victorious.

Thank you with regards!

Yours Truly
Isaac Osahon Ekhator General Secretary All Nigerian Community Ghana (ANC-GH)

Alj. Salihu Mohammed


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