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The Circular World


A young guy graduated from the University after his parents had died when he was in SHS 3.

When he was in school, he had a girlfriend of which he loves her. Even though he was not that rich, he was able to get almost all the needs of his girlfriend. Oneday the girl asked for money from the boy but the boy couldn’t provide.

It has become a great burden on the boy but the girl refuse to understand the situation. This brought about an issue between the two. Their way of communicating change. Do don’t talk to each other from their heart.

One day the girl heard about a job and decided to go and tell his boyfriend so he can send his application letter. Although the girl had not gotten a job she felt the man must go first. This discision to her some days before.

But she finally decided to do that for the guy. In the evening she called the guy and told him she wants to meet him. He told the girl he have to go out the next day in the morning and he doesn’t know the time he will be back.

He wanted to send an application to a company he didn’t tell the girl. Not knowing the guy’s father was a share holder in a company so it was time for him to replace his father in th the company. The company is looking for this young man seriously. So one of the individuals the company sent, who was a female located the guy’s house.

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Since the boy told the girl that he will not be at home the whole day, the girl decided to go in the evening. The boy did all his runs and came home around 4:00 pm. When he came the lady the company sent was waiting for her in his house.


Due to the lady’s visitation he forgot to tell the girlfriend he is back. After along talk the guy realized that the lady was his family sister. So the lady told her his father gave her a letter that when he dies the guy should replace him.

But they have been looking for him for years. After the long talk to a common conclusion that the guy will have to go and see the company management for induction. It was a great news. It was late so the guy decided that since the lady is his family sister, she should sleep in the house so both of them go the next day.

Meanwhile a friend had told the girl that her boyfriend had gone for a girlfriend. So the girl needed a confirmation that the lady slept in the guy’s house.

She got that she was not sure and decided to go there early the next morning without calling the guy. The lady thought of nothing because the guy was his brother. She slept in the house.

She woke up early in the morning and she had no clothes there so she decided to cover herself with a cloth and when she is going she will wear what she brought.


The boy’s girlfriend came into the house and the guy saw something in the lady’s her so he got closer and decided to remove that thing. Just as he was doing that the girl entered and immediately she saw that action she concluded that, the guy is cheating and she left in pain.

She never picked the man’s call and the day she picked she told the guy not to call him again or he will be accused of rap. The guy totally confused but decided to go on with life.

The guy oneday saw the girl and decided to explain what happened but the girl shouted for the guy to be beaten up for rubbery. An old man from nowhere rescued the guy.

The guy after medication went for his induction ceremony. Most of the workers in the company don’t know him. In his first week of office he saw the application letter of his Ex girlfriend. He was the person to decide whether the application should be accepted. He issued a command that the girl should be employed without interview. The girl was employed and she went to tell her friends. Happiness everywhere.

After a year close to two years the guy(Director of the company) decided to promote the girl. All this while the girl didn’t know that the manager is her Ex. An day before the girl is to be promoted, she misplaced a document.

The panalty for this is dismissal. The guy decided to forgive her. He sent a letter to the girl. The girl was ready for dismissal.

The letter was surprisingly a promotional letter. She was glad and finally decided to meet the Director and show appreciation. The guy wanted to know how good or wicked the girl is so he intentionally wrote and application letter.

The Circular World
The Circular World
The girl was now the human resource manager. The manager who has intentionally turned to look for employment.

Since the girl was the first person he employed, he was the first to send an application letter. Early Monday morning he went to the girl’s office for employment. The girl took the letter and tear it into pieces and placed it in the the dustpin. She called the security to send him out. No one knows he is the director.

The guy went home disappointed in the girl, he redress and went to his office as the Director. The following week the girl employed her new boyfriend who has no qualifications.

The management sat down a came to a conclusion that she should be dismissed. The guy as the Director didn’t allow that. The next morning the guy once again sent the application letter to the girl.

This time she slapped the man with the letter. The next morning management told her that, she has to see the director for conclusion. When she was shouting on her Ex(Director) her current boyfriend who has been employed without qualifications heard. Because he knows the guy to be the Director, he was confused why the girl could do that.

So the day girl must see the director came. Early in the morning her current boyfriend asked her in her office the relationship between the guy and her.

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The girl said he was his boyfriend. And the boyfriend said, he is the one you are going to see. The girl said shut up I know all the managers just that out of the 4 managers I don’t know which one am going to Meet. The boyfriend said he is the 5th manager and the overall Boss. The girl said the overall Boss I not knon by any worker so he is telling lies.

It was time for the girl to see the director so she decided to go with the boyfriend to know whether they are all going to be dismissed or ready for anything else.

So on their way to the office the director through the CCTV camera saw they were coming together. So he told his secretary to let them enter one after the other, starting from the boy.

The boy entered and saw that what he told the girlfriend is true, her Ex is the director. The director gave him a letter.


He was thinking it was a dismissal letter but it was a letter to congratulate him for winning the girl’s heart. He told him to read the letter when he gets to his office. The boy let the director’s office and gave the girl a sign that what he said is true.

The girl became Disturbed but he decided to go and see what happens. When she entered the director was arranging documents behind his seat so she didn’t see his face. She sat waiting for the director to turn and give her the conclusion.

The manager turned and the girl realized that is his Ex who have been coming to her for help and she refuses. The director broke into tears. He gave her letter saying, no matter how it is control yourself as one of the new rules for working.

The girl could not stop crying. The director said, go and continue working. He gave her a document to go and give it to a lady for salary increment and she met the lady that she saw in the boyfriend’s house sometime ago, she looked at her badge and she has the same surname as the Director but she has no ring.

She decided to go and ask who that lady is. She found out that, the lady is the director’s sister. She returned the documents for the salary increment and the lady said, do you now believe we are in a circular world???

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