Home News The bird in a nest’s eye views of the COVID-19 pandemic
The bird in a nest’s eye views of the COVID-19 pandemic

The bird in a nest’s eye views of the COVID-19 pandemic


The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has succeeded ruefully in its waves to continue infecting several more people and killing a lot more of human beings in both the rich and poor countries across the world. Dared to ask a question that where world’s scientists and her brilliant medical doctors? Amazingly they are all there at posts, but they are struggling to get us a vaccine.

In the meantime, those protocols and their precautionary governments had decided to put un place, are significantly helping in curbing the spread of this dangerous disease, but we need to get some cure, nonetheless. For me, it is , in fact, very worrisome to remember that the easing of those restrictions down, is purposively supposed to help us to primarily restore and probably regain some partial normality in our daily activities, but sadly as things stand now, we probably need to be continually reviewing and revising those orders and instruments again and again; however, it needs to be gradual at all cost. It must be said here and now that in those countries where they rushed to ease down, their numbers of positive new cases in those countries – e.g. the USA, UK, France, have increased exponentially.

The disease has also similarly, caged all other human beings, who are not only necessarily, scared, but who do not, frankly, want to contract the disease, on one hand, or further spread virus on the other, had all gone into lockdowns and encampments in their various homes, including restrictions forbidding no large gatherings of people as well as  scheduled days of restrictions on movements of goods and services. The good news is national borders are temporarily closed in Ghana other countries, with the keys to all the main gates of the metal frontiers duly returned to the appropriate key boxes housed in the almighty Jubilee Flagstaff House i.e. in  the case of Ghana.

It is, however, still worrying, but seemingly interesting to,  observe  nonetheless, that as of now, every Ghanaian has been mandated to remain in the country, as lawfully instructed by the House Keeper, an order which in every sense requires those few corrupt politicians and business persons who continually fleece the country’s coffers to its bleeding point from, time to time. to secretly use such resources to fly in and out of so many times (without numbers) merely to display their ‘ill-gotten’ wealth to celebrate it or peacefully enjoy those moneys in foreign countries, just to the detriment of our poor masses who are meek, powerlessly and permanently zero-funded, yet are inarguably, but are worst of it all compulsorily, sheepishly reminded of the need to remain indoors, very regrettably that is before the outbreak of this pandemic.

In my view, the prohibition of those travels as a precautionary measure is good for Ghana, though. None of those regular travelers is presently free to display  that kind of affluence beyond their front doors. I must say that I don’t envy them at all, but it is my duty to urge my readers to it that with reference to the disease, we are all equal in front the blows of this deadly invisible enemy – the coronavirus disease – (COVID-19). Additionally, this dreadful disease has imposed a lot of untold hardships on us automatically; thus everyone who is presently living on the face of the planet is affected in one way or the other. This is the equality of man I am referring to. Indeed we are all human beings.

Thus, the economic pressures so suddenly and forcefully imposed on every citizen as well as their corresponding economic distortions and disruptions of our Small Scale and Medium Enterprises is very, very tough and indeed, totally  unbearable. The effects are seen mostly in their cash flow statements; these statements have, for various reasons are registered in the red zones , including the facts that sales aren’t going well and debtors are also unable to fulfill their statutory obligations, let alone honour their contractual agreements. We are in abnormal times.  We can’t balance our accounting books effectively

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