Home Sports The best pics from another Reds triumph!
The best pics from another Reds triumph!

The best pics from another Reds triumph!


In this Terrific performance from Bruno, Labile, Greenwood and the rest of our team,, Pogbruno is special.

The best pics from another Reds triumph! 1

Fristly, You guys did great tonight amazing performance Greenwood & Bruno you both are fantastic really interesting.

Secondly, Bruno Man of the match.
david cleansheets again..I trust him… our MASON…good job young man…and of course to our COACH…OLE…Unbeaten in 15 matches….
Thank you for all the players..let’s hope we get the ticket to champions league.

There are however, “We will never hear the end of it. Can’t Chelsea quickly come and drop these kids with their skulls”

Thirdly and most importantly, Much love. Greenwood, a generational talent. Bruno, the totem of the team. Pogba the magician. Matic the engine, AWB the spider etc. I am much impresses.

Moreover, I think POGBA will stay with us next season cos finally he’s got his partner..BRUNO

In conclusion, I love this United team, we don’t put our scoring duty down to one player, everyone can score.
Winning is all we craving for. GGMU.

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