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thank you notes for scholarship

thank you notes for scholarship


thank you notes for scholarship. Sample Thank You Letter 2

[Date] [Mr./Mrs. First and Last Name of Donor or Name of Organization ] [Name of Scholarship] [Address] [City, State, Zip]
Dear [Donor Name or Organization Name],

First paragraph: State the purpose of your letter.

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for making the [Name of Scholarship] possible. I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this honor, and I am deeply appreciative of your support.

Second paragraph: Share a little about yourself and indicate why the scholarship is important.

I am a sophomore with an education major; I hope to become an elementary school teacher upon graduating from Plymouth State. The financial assistance you provided will be of great help to me in paying my educational expenses, and it will allow me to concentrate more of my time on studying.

Third paragraph: Close by thanking the person again and make a commitment to do well with the donor’s investment.

Thank you again for your generosity and support. I promise you I will work very hard and eventually give back to others, both as teacher and possibly a scholarship to future students like myself.


[Sign your name here] [Type your name]

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