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How are you in Hausa

How are you in Hausa “yaya kake” In this post, you will learn how to say ‘how are you?’ in Hausa. You’ll also learn common responses so you can respond if you’re asked this question. This can be really useful if you’re speaking with someone from Niger or Nigeria or if you’re travelling there. Hausa […]

How to link nin

Ado Ahmad Gidan Dabino

Ado Ahmad Gidan Dabino, Ado Ahmad Gidan Dabino, MON is one of the most prolific Hausa novelists in northern Nigeria. His efforts have revolutionized the reading habits of the Hausas in recent time. Publisher, Film Producer/Director, Journalist and NGO Activist. He wrote so many Hausa novels, dramas and poetry. He published over fifteen Hausa novels […]

Ramadan Booth

Hausa learning

Hausa learning, now available on Hausa.Info Africa No. #1 Hausa Language Information Website. The 1,000 most often spoken Hausa terms are listedIf you want to learn Hausa quickly, which is designed  specifically for Hausa learning. Number Hausa in English 1 kamar yadda as 2 Ina I 3 da his 4 cewa, that 5 ya he […]

How to link nin