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Negativity is not Bad

Have you ever thought that Negativity can actually lead us to Positivity? Just imagine that young lady Patricia. Who chose not to listen to any advice of following men at a time she was supposed to focus on building her future. She virtually disrespects anyone who comes in to offer advice to her… Patricia after […]

This is my worry

She told the neighbor that, THIS IS MY WORRY. A man poor man lived in a house with his wife and a daughter. Since he had only one child, he and his wife always try their possible best to Provide their daughter with all her needs They took very good care of their daughter till […]

I May Be Yours

I MAY BE YOURS, Many times people use to handle their own children well and maltreat others’. It goes far to a point in time where they are hated because of the unique characters they portray. Angel, a 21 year old lady  had lived with the family of Mr. Graham since she was born. She […]

The Tear of a Woman

MAMA! MAMA! MAMA! THE TEAR OF A WOMAN, Mama is the best name to be given or called upon as a woman. In most African homes, Mama is the name used to address a woman of value, power, love and care. The original meaning of “Mama” is mother. A mother is a woman with capabilities […]

Painful Goodbye

Painful Goodbye, On the morning of that fateful day Tony left, Nancy woke up feeling nauseous and tired, but had to go to work anyways because there was an important meeting she had to attend to at the office. Tony and Nancy have been married for five years without a child. It bothered them greatly, […]

The Evil Men Do

THE EVIL MEN DO, The world moves in a very fine circular motion. What one does today in the human race, would surely meet him or her some other day. Those you meet on their path, would be the same you meet on your path. Read Also: Had I Known Is Always At Last The power […]

The need to Glow to Grow

The need to Glow to Grow, Each and every being on earth has his or her own separate abilities. The abilities given Mr. A will definitely differ from that of Mr. B. To be able to build a firm foundation to attain success, you need to discover what you are best in doing, work on […]