Home News Accra Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko Rushing to get the Ticket for the Super Clash Game
Accra Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko Rushing to get the Ticket for the Super Clash Game

Accra Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko Rushing to get the Ticket for the Super Clash Game


To the hearing of the historic super clash game ticket that are out people are in a rush , in a hurry to get the ticket for the super clash game at Barnet stadium, London between Accra Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko on March 7,2020.

Organizers are very excited and in so much joy of how people are rushing to get the ticket for the super clash game before it gets finish which will create some problems.

According to the people both citizen and supporters as well as the citizens of Bath they are very excited and passionate to watch this match so they have to be in a hurry to get the ticket before last minutes struggles .

The areas of the Barnet gate, Wood Green, Barnet Hurst, Chipping Barnet and high Barnet are all ready to go watch this super clash game at London of the 63rd Independence anniversary match.

Organizers have made known that if you want to purchase the ticket online use http://venuetoolbox.com/barnetfc, which goes at a price of £20,£25,£30,£40,£45 .

Interesting, apart from the ticket there is a side attraction package trip to the Whitehart lane, Emirates stadium, Wembley stadium for sightseeing and the organisers have made it known to the CEO of African origin Travel Mr Samson Deen .

This is going to be shown live and colored on GTV sports Obonu TV and all GTv stations plus radio stations.

WHO will win this 63rd Independence anniversary super clash game?Will it be Accra Hearts of Oak (Phobians )or Asante Kotoko (Porcupine warriors ).

Is Accra Hearts of Oak going to allow a second defeat or Asante Kotoko is going to win the super clash game the second time.

Read Also Policeman Volunteered to Help off the Midfielder off the field

During the match between the porcupine warriors and Dream Fc where the porcupine warriors won the match.

After the match the policeman carried the midfielder of Asante kotoko by name Emmanuel Gyamfi due to the injury on his leg when he was knocked down on the Field during the match game.

The policeman carried Emmanuel at his back off the field .Here is the place where people are asking , why should a policeman carry a player at his back? Is there no stretcher on the field ?




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