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Stay NSW Business finder


Business registration and support for NSW vouchers. Stay NSW Business finder
NSW Government vouchers boost business income and promote services. Find out if your business is eligible to participate and register today.

Stay NSW Business finder

Boost business income

Dine & Discover NSW has expanded. More businesses across NSW can participate and get ready to accept more vouchers, including:

More vouchers for more businesses

Dining, arts, entertainment and recreation businesses can register for Dine & Discover NSW. The scheme has been extended until 30 June 2022 and there is an additional $250 million in vouchers for customers to use at registered businesses.

Eligible accommodation providers can register for Stay NSW to accept $50 Stay NSW vouchers and $50 Parents NSW vouchers from February 2022.

If you’re an eligible accommodation provider, you can register for Stay NSW. Once approved for the scheme, you will be able to accept Stay NSW and Parents NSW vouchers.

If you haven’t already, many businesses can apply to take part in the scheme, provided they meet the eligibility criteria and apply through Service NSW.

A guide to businesses that accept Dine & Discover NSW vouchers

Dine NSW

Discover NSW

Stay NSW

Dine and Discover Accepted Here Icon
Dine NSW vouchers
Dine and Discover Accepted Here Icon
Discover NSW vouchers
Dine and Discover Accepted Here Icon
Stay NSW vouchers
Dine and Discover Accepted Here Icon
Parents NSW vouchers
Dine and Discover Accepted Here Icon
Parents NSW vouchers

How to register

  1. Check the eligibility requirements for Dine & Discover NSW and the eligibility requirements for Stay NSW registrations.
  2. Click the ‘Register online’ button.
  3. Log in or create your MyServiceNSW Account and follow the prompts.

What happens next

After your registration is submitted, you can track the progress of your application through the Business Profile section of your MyServiceNSW  Account. If you haven’t set one up, we will create one for you as part of the registration process.

You will receive an email notification if your registration is approved with instructions on how to get started.

Getting started

Once approved, all the information you will need to set up your business to accept all types of Dine & Discover NSW vouchers is in the Business Profile section of your MyServiceNSW Account.

This includes a link to download the Service NSW for Business app so you can scan customer vouchers.

You can keep track of voucher payments to your business in your Service NSW Business Profile.

Only the person who registered on behalf of your business will be able to access this information.

The Business Profile also has step-by-step guides on redeeming vouchers and digital artwork including Dine & Discover NSW badges and posters for each voucher your business accepts.

These posters and digital art can be printed and displayed within your business to let customers know that you are a participating business.

All NSW residents aged 18 and over can now apply for Dine & Discover NSW vouchers. Eligible households can now apply for Parents NSW vouchers. All NSW residents aged over 18 will soon be able to apply for Stay NSW vouchers.

Once customers get their vouchers in the Service NSW app, they’ll be able to use them at participating businesses across the state.

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