Home Sports Spanish titles for Real Madrid! 😘🏆
Spanish titles for Real Madrid! 😘🏆

Spanish titles for Real Madrid! 😘🏆


Messi: “We did not want to end the season like this, but it represents how the season has gone. We have been a very irregular team, very weak, with little intensity… We lost many points and today’s game is a summary of the year.”

Spanish titles for Real Madrid! 😘🏆 1

Zidane will win Championship in 2021 , 2022 2023 and 2024 . Zidane will win his fourth , fifth and sixth champions league in the process . Once he starts he can’t stop running .

Campeones, Campeones, Olė, Olė, Olė!!!! Hala Madrid!

Please what excuse does a team that can’t beat Osasuna with 10 men in their own home have to give?

They said Madrid would win nothing, they said Zidane was a fluke, a fraud… they said they’d win both el classicos. One short guy took a mic and promised their fans to bring Copa, La Liga and Champions league home. They even started conspiracy theories after they drew many games.

It’s so refreshing seeing them crawling back to their holes. Even if Madrid had lost or drawn tonight, we would still be champions. Instead of focusing on their team, they were watching Madrid matches and their president was fooling them to look at referees. How do you point fingers at other when you can’t even win your own matches?

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos: “This is a prize for our hard work. This is the reward. To win 10 games in a row deserves a lot of credit.

“It’s a strange season. Our objective was clear. We wanted to win every game after the restart. We wanted to depend on ourselves. It’s difficult to win every game. You can’t win these matches easily. This is the reward for all our hard work.

“Zidane has been key. He’s the captain of the ship. He put a lot of faith in all his players and we’ve felt protected. He’s a unique coach.

“I’d like to finish my career here. I’m sure there won’t be any problem.”

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