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This is my worry

This is my worry


She told the neighbor that, THIS IS MY WORRY.

A man poor man lived in a house with his wife and a daughter.

Since he had only one child, he and his wife always try their possible best to Provide their daughter with all her needs They took very good care of their daughter till she was finally admitted to a university.

The birth month of this daughter came therefore it was only few weeks the girls birthday. One day the girl was sitting quietly, her mom asked her what has happened to her.

The girl finally confessed that she always sees her friends using phones in school and she had always wanted to get one.

So she was imagining how someone will buy her a phone. She also told her mom that a guy has promised her a phone but the guy says he should go to his house for it on her birthday.

Immediately her mom dropped that idea from her mind and promised her of a brand new phone on her birthday.

The girl had know trust because she knew that her mom is poor and cannot afford the phone. But the girl’s mom continued telling the girl not to accept any gift from anyone. So she did so.

It was few days to the birthday, her mom had worked hardly to get that amount of money for her birthday. The girl had already informed her friends about her new phone.

The woman gathered the money not telling the daughter and even her husband. She wrote a note, I’m going to buy a phone for my daughter with this money.

She wrapped the money with the note and hid it in her bag. The next morning, the woman decided to go the farm to get some food stuffs for the birthday celebration.

Unfortunately she didn’t return and the husband finally found out that the wife is dead.

Due to the happiness he wants to give to his daughter on her birthday which was 2days away, he didn’t tell his daughter that her mom is dead but she told her that, her mom has gone to the sister’s house in the nearby town to get things for the birthday.

The girl told her father am expecting my phone oooo so tell Mom to bring it or I will kill myself. The man responded telling the girl everything will be ok. He went to his room crying and saying oooo my wife, come back to life and help get the phone for my only daughter but it was impossible.

He decided to look for the pictures of his late wife when he saw the money his wife hid for the phone. He picked the money and early in the morning he went to town and bought the phone.

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So he decided to give it to the girl on her birthday but he placed it in the girl’s bag and closed it.

He decided to write a letter to the daughter and in the letter to advise her and to wish her. But most importantly in the latter part of the letter he wrote that her phone is inside her bag.

Early in the morning the girl was very sad asking about her mom. The man told her that her mom would come before 12:00 so they can celebrate together. It was time and the girl was serious angry with her father.

Again the father lied and the girl accepted the man handed over the letter to girl.

The girl asked, Daddy please where is my mom and my phone. The man said what I could offer for you on your birthday is just this letter.

Although the letter shows where phone is but he refused to tell his daughter because he wanted to surprise her. She started reading the letter and the beginning doesn’t talk about her phone and her mom.

She closed the letter and said if you don’t go with me to my mom for my phone, like I said earlier I will my self. Seriously the girl picked up a knife an was ready to kill herself.

Unfortunately the girl knew that her mom is dead and told the father, you have not been faithful to me.

I have forgotten about that, you promised a phone and you failed again. The man said open the letter and let read together that will bring happiness for your birthday.

Immediately the man got closer to her she killed the man with the knife. Just at a point of killing herself a neighbor came in to stop her.

The girl explained everything to the neighbor and saying after all this lies this letter was the only to the end of the letter reads “Go to your room, locate your brown bag and open it.

What ever you see is yours’. The neighbor told the girl and they all decided to go and check what the letter said. They opened the bag and found a brand new phone.




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