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Painful Goodbye

Painful Goodbye


Painful Goodbye, On the morning of that fateful day Tony left, Nancy woke up feeling nauseous and tired, but had to go to work anyways because there was an important meeting she had to attend to at the office.

Tony and Nancy have been married for five years without a child. It bothered them greatly, coupled with the pressures coming from every angle for Tony to leave his wife but they stuck through all the huddles and never gave up on each other. While at work that day, Nancy decided to give Tony a call because he didn’t come home the night before. She called thrice but no one picked up.

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“What could be the problem? Did I do anything wrong?” she asked herself as sudden fear overshadowed her.

All through that day, Nancy couldn’t concentrate properly and her body wasn’t helping matters either. She felt extremely weak but felt it was just due to all the stress from the previous day.

Work hours elapsed and she immediately headed home. On her way home, she branched to a pharmacy to get some medicines.

While explaining her condition to the store attended, the lady suggested that she buys a pregnancy tester too.

“Me? Pregnant? I don’t think so” Nancy said but had to buy it after much persuasion from the nurse.

Nancy arrived home to a note on the dinning table from Tony, revealing to her that he couldn’t continue with the marriage anyone and that he had found some else.

As she was about to break down in tears, she felt nauseous and ran to the bathroom to throw up.

Confused and curious, Nancy took the test and it was Positive!


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