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My Bitter Merry


My Bitter Merry It was about a week to the celebration of my birthday when I had graduated from the University with a first class. I brought happiness to my family, so daddy and mommy also decided to organize a party for me. I felt so proud of myself for the glory given to me by my family.

I informed all my friends and loved ones of the merry that has been organized for me and would happen in no time. Undoubtedly, I prepared vividly to meet the day of my celebration with laughter and full of enjoyment.


Early morning of that day, my mommy rushed into my room and informed me to get ready for the celebration. She invited her friends to help her prepare different meals while decorations and other elements of the party were concurrently in arrangement.

In a few hours, the party had begun whiles all necessary comments, prayers, best regards etc are all wished. I told the crowd to join me celebrate the day because God had made me victorious.

Therefore we started the merry meanwhile there was a musical interlude and all the place was filled with joy.

In a few minutes, I looked at my parents with a gorgeous smile and they even returned to me with more smiles. In all this, my thought was in a battle with my feelings at that moment of joy, however, I ignored.

In about 30 minutes, my mommy decided to go inn our house to present to me some surprising gifts. On her way back to the party, experienced a sudden, pain shock in her heart and seized to locomote at once! What is happening? I asked; and we ran to help her.

Nevertheless, by the time we reached her, she was already dead. Daddy, upon bringing his surprising gifts, heard the unbearable cry of the crowd, rushed to the setting and also could not behold his eyes of the fatal event. So he collapsed thereof and died. Am I dreaming!!?? I asked with a scream in an uncontrollable cry.

My friends tried to sympathize me. But the more I cried. All the foods, drinks, the joy, music interlude, the dance turned to unwanted occasion.

I was receiving joyful wishes a few hours ago; but now I am receiving wishes of condolence. Aah! So my mommy is gone, my daddy gone simultaneously in mist of my birthday celebration? Out of cry with all scream, I concluded, this is a bitter merry!


Berkoh-Sarkodie Isaac Berkoh-Sarkodie Isaac was born in New Yakasi, a suburb of Aowin Municipal(Enchi) in the western region, a new region called western north. He started his basic education at New Yakasi D/A primary and JHS. He continued at Wisdom International and JHS Enchi and completed his Junior High School in may 2013 and served as the academic prefect. He further went to St. Augustine's Senior High School, Bogoso and studied general science as his core programme. During his time in Senior High School, Berkoh-Sarkodie Isaac with his hard work and commitment, became the Assistant Boys' Prefect, Prayer Secretary of Student Union(SU), School Choir Coordinator. He was also part of the drama group and a very good talking-drum player. He completed school in 2016 and pursued a degree programme in the University of Education Winneba.He is offering Bsc. Science in Health Administration and Education. Currently he is in level 200 and holds the office of the (Public Relation Officer) PRO of the (National Union of Aowin Students and Associates) NUASA-UEW. Berkoh-Sarkodie Isaac has been a student leader in his education career and he is committed to do more.Berkoh-Sarkodie Isaac is very humble, handsome, Godfearing. He does not entertain undesirable and unwanted acts.Still a student, Berkoh-Sarkodie Isaac is now an official story writer to Hausa TV, Ghana. He recently wrote his fist story titled "my bitter merry".There are more others to be written.



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