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Heartbreaking Essays about Friendship

Heartbreaking Essays about Friendship


I have seen a lot of heartbreaking essays about friendship lately that we should lower our expectations for deep and reciprocal connection with people who are not partners, that having friend of ten years ghost on you is natural and friendships shouldn’t be expected to last.

I vehemently disagree with these views.

Friendship is powerful and necessary,and we’re struggling not because we’re harboring unreasonable expectations but because we live in a culture that fundamentally devalues it This is killing us.


we cannot exist in this isolation we need the bonds, we forge with others to be study enough to stand on the first time I heard about “dating” friends,I don’t get it because I dislike dating and I’m bad at it.

Reading more about it, however, I realised that,without calling it that, I’ve always “dated” my friends. I’ve always made time,shown up,spoiled them.

I didn’t get the concept because that level of investment is what being a friend is to me.

I was born in a culture where friendship matters and social ties are deemed very important,and I was raised in another that also viewed things this way.

The idea that we should lower our expectations offends me.We all deserve friends who can and want to be there for us, we deseve to matter to one another.

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