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Had I Known Is Always At Last

Had I Known Is Always At Last


Had I Known Is Always At Last. There lived a girl called Jamila who hailed from a certain community called Bimbila in the northern region of Ghana.

Jamila was well determined and her dream was to become a medical doctor and as a result she worked hard to attain distinction in her BECE and was given placement into a category ‘A’ school where she had science as a course in the school.

In the first end of term exams, she emerged in the first position in her class and in the end of second term exams she emerged in the third position in the entire school, and so determined as she is.

She finally became the overall best student in the third term exams and remained unshakable and became one whom every student in the school wished to be till her second year when she finally dropped drastically.

The cause of her fall in performance was as a result of a guy called Kadir who fell in love with her and tried to convince her since her first year and who didn’t find it easy,but continued to press on till he finally conquered her in the second year.

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Jamila in love was now as if she was promised heaven and Earth to be with Kadir,and instead of her normal devotion to studies as she had been, she devoted all her time and self to Kadir and always felt as if fish out of water whenever she was not with Kadir .

This gradually depreciated her marvelous performance to the lowest level, which shocked all her school teachers and they also decided to carry out some investigations to know why she finally dropped.

And after their investigations they found out that she was now into boy-girl friendship, so they tried to get a solution to that by counseling her but it was too late.

Jamila in love with Kadir turned into what we may refer to as “campus marriage”, with Jami now sleeping with Kadir in a room he hired outside the school campus where they lived like husband and wife wilst attending school.

Finally Jami became pregnant and when she informed Kadir about the pregnancy he told her he was not responsible for that, and even went ahead to move her out of his room and warned her never to come his way.

Jamila could not go to class any longer and had to drop out of school then went home, and by the time she reached home, the information had reached her parents and they also grew annoy for her inaction to the extent of not giving her even food, but in a few days.

They stopped being annoy with her and then decided to take care of her till she gives birth so that they will send her back to school for the fact that “dogs never bite deep into the flesh of thier own younger puppies”

A year later after Jami had given birth and her child grown enough, her parents sent her to a new school where she continued her education.

And this time round, Jamila having seen before was now experienced and never listened to any nonsense from any guy, for there is a saying “that a second fool is indeed a very big fool” and so was very concentrate and focused on her books and was always seen at best positions.

In their final exams (Wasce), she became the overall best student in the whole northern region and was given a scholarship to study abroad.

After eight years of her stay at abroad, she came back into the country as a medical practitioner and was now the medical superintendent at the Tamale Teaching Hospital,

The then Kadir guy who impregnated her and rejected her was now a common charcoal burner and wished to go to apologise for her to forgive him.

And so that they may get married or to beg so that his child who was a male and was now in the senior high school would be given to him.

But it was too late for him, and out of frustrations and depression he became mad and was now picking garbage and filt around streets and gutters.

Mohammad Kameel Adam Mohammad kameel Adam a writer and staff of Hausa.info



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