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Social Media Addiction


Social Media has been fun and all, there is a likelihood to become addicted to it.

We have seen people who could never part ways with their devices, and are constantly posting online.

Social media addiction has been recognized as a psychological problem where a person is in a constant use of social media platforms without the edge to restraint himself or herself.

It is recognized as a serious problem by the psychiatry community, and advised not to be taken lightly.

It can stray one off his or her responsibilities and duties, such as job or family.

An instance is, these young nurses who find it hard to let go off their smartphones to focus on patients at hospitals.

Addiction to social media has been known to cause depression or make I current episode worst.

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The prolonged use of multiple accounts have been said to cause also major depressive episodes.

The obsession with likes and jealousy on platforms have been known to cause the feeling of self-lothe and self-depreciation.

Adoption of fake persona on the Internet is affecting real lives as it becomes hard for people to differentiate between these fake personas they adopt to look cool and fun online and their real personalities.

This has been linked to social awkwardness in real life, as most people substitute this for real life and fulfilling relationships and find it hard to perform social duties in the communities.

Addiction to social media is to be treated as any other form of addiction.

Rehabilitation is the best method to curb your addiction. Spending some time in a rehab center can help you adjust to the absence of social media.

Finally, managing your time and the number of accounts as a result, can help you to not become addicted Seriously.

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