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SIRRIN KYAU Season 2 – Episode 20


SIRRIN KYAU Season 2 – Episode 20 Download SIRRIN KYAU (Season 2 | Episode 20) A True Life Love Story | Season Finale. on Hausa.Info for promotional use only. Download Hausa Music, Movies, and Information.

SIRRIN KYAU Season 2 – Episode 20

The story continue as Safuwan have to fight with members of the gaws gang. already they have killed his friend and the only way forward is to face his fears, to fight.

now the two gang have just met on the battle field, Safuwan is with the ladies here they come.

both of them fight their best but Safuwan could not fight the gaws gangs, as his wife started praying for him and crying the favor of Allah. Safuwan gain a new power and win the fight.

Aliwork works, and police arrested the scene. arresting the whole gang. Safuwan fight with the ghost and nearly killed him. with the help of the police he is arrested and


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