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SIRRIN KYAU Season 2 Episode 14


Watch SIRRIN KYAU Season 2 Episode 14 A True Life Love Story on Hausa.Info Watch Hausa Movies online. Keep up with all the latest Hausa Film.

SIRRIN KYAU Season 2 Episode 14


The story continue, I did not think you will hate me, it started two days ago. I was traveling i nearly reach Lagos, and Alhaji called me to come back. He killed my sister, how? she aborted the pregnancy, when?

I will make him pay for all the damages, please forgive him, No! I will not, you know peace is the best solution, it brining peace between the two of you.

SIRRIN KYAU (Season 2 | Episode 14)


Pay me the rent money now, i need the money now, please Alhaji i will pay you, this is the money, I will pay the rest soon, if it’s not complete i will brining in the police in this issue. Please Help me.

I fell sorry for you guys, are you sure nobody is at home. ok let carry the dead body out!

SIRRIN KYAU (Season 2 | Episode 14)


Now you have succeed in killing your own child.

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