Home News Simon Goodwin is the subject of sensational allegations
Simon Goodwin is the subject of sensational allegations

Simon Goodwin is the subject of sensational allegations


Simon Goodwin is the subject of sensational allegations Shock claims of serious misconduct saw Melbourne consider sacking coach Simon Goodwin ahead of its 2021 premiership season, according to reports.

Simon Goodwin is the subject of sensational allegations

The Herald Sun revealed on Tuesday that the Melbourne board discussed the possibility as Goodwin was investigated over claims of gambling, bullying, and other behavioural issues.

The claims spanned from 2018 until early 2021, while Melbourne were reportedly in-and-out of crisis talks — including a meeting with the AFL — until April.

Goodwin was spared his job and Melbourne went on to win its first premiership since 1964.

Then-president Glen Bartlett, and head doctor Zeeshan Arain, departed Essendon amid the internal unrest.

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Arain was sacked just days after raising concerns about Goodwin to club chief Gary Pert. The doctor later launched an unlawful dismissal claim against the club, and reportedly received a six-figure settlement.

Leaked documents obtained by the Herald Sun reveal that Arain said he “encountered unreasonable and repeated behaviour by Mr Goodwin”, and that the coach used “aggressive language and tone” when speaking about managing injuries of senior players.

“He (Dr Arain) informed you (Pert) among other matters that the culture within the club was a risk to the health and safety of everyone involved,” a legal letter seen by the Herald Sun said.

“According to Dr Arain, you (Pert) acknowledged similar matters were raised by others.”

Bartlett, meanwhile, stepped down as president last April, retiring from the board after eight years at Essendon.

He reportedly interviewed Arain in December 2020, a month after the doctor was handed his settlement, and when the board was first made aware of more serious allegations against Simon Goodwin.

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Among Bartlett’s findings from the interview was that Alan Richardson was sent on a club trip to Las Vegas in 2019 as a chaperone for Simon Goodwin, because of concerns for what the coach “may get up to”.

The board memo included claims that multiple staff members were aware that Goodwin had serious lifestyle issues.

Bartlett said in a further email seen by the Herald Sun that he had “formed the view” that Arain was the victim of workplace bullying, and questioned if the board still had the “necessary trust” in Simon Goodwin.

The board held an emergency meeting just before Christmas in 2020 in which they reportedly discussed workplace bullying, Goodwin’s alleged drinking and gambling with players in public, and conduct at Sorrento Hotel.

The publication also reports that Bartlett and fellow board member Mohan Jesudason spoke with AFL boss Gillon McLachlan and AFL Commission chair Richard Goyder in February 2022.

In that online meeting, McLachlan reportedly said he was aware of Simon Goodwin’s drinking and gambling at Sorrento Hotel, and gave his approval for his sacking, along with Pert’s if required.

The documents show that Simon Goodwin was confronted by the board a week after the meeting, but he allegedly denied there was a problem.

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Simon Goodwin is the subject of sensational allegations 1

It’s unclear what happened to Melbourne’s investigation into Simon Goodwin’s behaviour after Bartlett was forced out of the club in a board coup in April 2021.

Meanwhile, the leaked documents also show that Pert didn’t trust Arain’s account.

“One of the main reasons I terminated Zee’s contract is that I had lost trust in his honesty and integrity, which is completely unacceptable for a head doctor … when dealing with Zee on issues, he consistently changed his stories when I challenged him on ­details and his stories rarely matched up to other people involved,” Pert wrote in an email seen by the Herald Sun.

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