Home News Shehu Usman Bn Fodio, masarautu in Hausa
Shehu Usman Bn Fodio, masarautu in Hausa

Shehu Usman Bn Fodio, masarautu in Hausa


History has confirmed that after the jihadin of Shehu Usman Bn Fodio, masarautu in Hausa country especially those shehu has given the flag under the leadership of the government, that is their works and the plan of their leaders like to raise the king or remove it is sure with the sahalewar of the king of Muslims The one with the hedikwatarta in Sokoto.Shehu Usman Bn Fodio, Masarautu In Hausa

This is how it continues until the coming of the white people who have changed this system has returned under their power.

I want to bring the mind of the reader to understand how the power of the kingdom is dying until this time when the power of the kingdom has fallen.

In the days under the kingdom of the king of Muslims, the king was appointed as a king in the right hand of the kingdom.

So the people of the king will continue in their time, when the king dies, the king’s voters will send to the governor who have been verified among the soughters, and he will choose the one who sees the best to accept his desire. As a new king.

This process continues to go until after the freedom of freedom and the coming of soldiers in this country.

From the coming of the fourth republic of the fourth republic; the position of kings especially the money and removing the king has become an easy thing to the politician, how selfishness has come into an unusual situation.

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