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She sentences in Hausa to English



She sentences in Hausa

She sentences in Hausa and English. Welcome to, your ultimate source for sentences in both Hausa and English. Explore a world of language, culture, and communication as we bring you a diverse range of sentences to enhance your linguistic skills and cultural understanding.

She sentences in Hausa
She sentences in Hausa to English 82

She sentences in Hausa and English

Whether you’re a language enthusiast, a student, or simply curious about the rich Hausa and English languages, you’ll find a treasure trove of sentences here to help you on your journey. Join us in celebrating the beauty of these two languages and the connections they create. Discover, learn, and enjoy the world of Hausa and English sentences at


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She admired him
Ta yaba shi

She advised him not to smoke
ta ba shi shawarar kada ya sha taba

She advised him to read more books
ta ba shi shawarar ya kara karanta littattafai

She agreed to my idea
ta amince da ra’ayina

She agreed with him
ta yarda dashi

She aimed at the target
ta nufa gurin

She almost drowned
ta kusa nutsewa

She attacked him
Ta harareshi

She avoids me
ta guje ni

She became a nurse
ta zama ma’aikaciyar jinya

She became happy
ta yi farin ciki

She began crying
ta fara kuka

She began to sing
ta fara waka

She came last
ta zo karshe

She goes to school
tana zuwa makaranta

She got angry
ta fusata

She has few friends
tana da ‘yan abokai

She is a student
daliba ce

She is a teacher
Malama ce

She is aggressive
ta daure

She is attractive
tana da ban sha’awa

She is beautiful
tana da kyau

She is crying
tana kuka

She is happy
tayi murna

She is very busy
ta shagaltu sosai

She looks happy
tayi murna

She studies hard
tayi karatu sosai

She was hurt in the accident
ta ji rauni a hadarin

She was very busy
ta shagaltu sosai

She went home
ta tafi gida
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